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Monday, 27 March 2017

VEERA Update on Monday 27th February 2017

Gunjan rehearsal her dialogue and says, now i will got selected in audition. Bansari reaches and ask, what are you doing? then bansari gone and came again and says, nazar utar rahi hu teri…I want you get selected in this film audition. Baldev even gave me a mango in entire life but i know you will put my head at heights.

Veera does makeup of chaiji. Biji came and laugh on chaiji. ranveer thinks about gunjan and veera comes into his room and ask, ki hoya veerji….

Veera says, not only you read face but i also read face, you are in pain, please tell me. You meet gunjan didi. You just remove gunjan didi from your remembering. Please show me your smile otherwise i will does make up. Baldev shows anger on gunjan and bansari shouts on baldev and says, how dare you to stop her. She will get selected. Bansari says to gunjan, will you do for me gunjan.

Producer called gunjan. Producer closed the door and says, now suppose i am hero and you just speak the dialogue. Producer touch to gunjan. Director bring chaiji and veera in a vanity van. Director says, here you can dressed up and do makeup.

Chaiji says, does anybody do dress up in van. Gunjan and ranveer stuck with each other. Gunjan ask from spot boy, where is manoj ji? Spot boy says, he is in room. Gunjan goes into room.
Gunjan ask from manoj, will i get selected. Manoj says, if anybody did better than you then i will select her. Gunjan begging in front of gunjan . Manoj says, you have to do something for me. 

Manoj says, i will give you role in this movie but you have to give me something. Chaiji getss dressed up and spot boy show the way for shooting area. Gunjan thinks about manoj wording’s. Bansari asked from her relatives. Bansari asked from gunjan, have you got selected? Gunjan asked, if i dont get the role then what happen.. Bansari shouts on gunjan.

director tell the scene to chaiji. Chaiji become confused about scene. Director tells chaiji that you have to slapped the girl. Chaiji says how could i slapped her. She is not my daughterthen how could i slap her.

Director make angry to chaiji. Chaiji slapped to director. CHaiji says, i am feeling dizziness, putra bring my tablet. Ranveer says, i will bring it.

Gunjan says, yes. Manoj says, i know you are very clever. You made right decision. Manoj bring gunjan into vanity van but spot boy see her. Manoj has started recording in his camera. Ranveer searches chaiji’s tablets. Ranveer heard the manoj voice. Spot boy reaches at spot and inform to director. Gunjan gets very frightened.

Spot boy tell that one of our crew member and your pind girl is inside the bus. Baldev says, if your wording is right then it will be the last day for that girl and boy. Baldev break the lock and everybody goes inside the vanity van but there is no girl inside then baldev got angry on spot boy. Spot boy tell that there is another way to go outside of this vanity van. Baldev open the door and everybody sees gunjan and ranveer hugs each other.

Precap:- Bansari blames on ranveer then veera says, veerji is not faulty gunjan didi is faulty. why will gunjan didi goes into vanity van if she knows that this vanity van is alloted to chaiji.
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