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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

VEERA Update on Thursday 23rd March 2017

Episode starts with gunjan and ranveer conversation. ranveer says to gunjan, buy anything you want. Gunjan says, biji has sent you with me, so please select gift for him. Gunjan select a dress and thinks that it is very costly. Ranveer see all this. gunjan says, it is good but not like that i want to buy. gunjan then select some cheap clothes. Gunjan gets a call and talks with biji. Ranveer bought dress and gunjan see dress and says, it is not that i selected, i will go and change it. Ranveer stops her and says, i will select this and your biji and papaji will wear this. Gunjan gets happy.

Veera ordered to baldev’s friend that do work fastly. Baldev says, she is your bhabi, if you will work for her then you will go to heaven. Balwant tayaji says, i said to baldev that dont waste so much money
and now this program is on me. Bansari ji says, baldev work on factory and then he deposited money. Balwant tayaji reaches where biji and chaiji works. Balwant tayaji came and says, dont do it. Veera reaches there and says to chaiji, dont eat it while you are making this laddu. Biji says, i will also celebrate ranveer’s and gunjan’s wedding annniversary. Gunjan goes with bansari taiji and bansari taiji cook gajar ka halwa for him and says to her that go in store room and get sherwani for your papaji. gunjan goes into store room and see the photo album and gets happy. Bansari ji reaches there. gunjan ask from biji that how will you manage 30 years with papaji. Infact you dont like each other. Bansari then tells that how much precious balwant ji for her.

Ranveer gives congratulation to balwant tayaji on his anniversary. Bansari ji calls a shopkeeper and says to everybody that choose any kind of suit you want.
Gunjan select a dress for her and see it on mirror. Veera see all this. veera says to ranveer, i cannot understand what color i use for suits. ranveer says, put red color. Gunjan then choose red colour suit. Baldev friend’s says, now how will propose veera for wedding. baldev says, now see how will i enlargethis matter. baldev then calls veera and says, sit on this chair and check whether it is good. Veera says, you can do this work by your friend then veera sit on chair and baldev’s friend click their photo. veera then put baldev chair behind and baldev fall down.Episode starts with Chaiji shouting on veera and says, where would have you gone? well I have purchased dress for you.. veera thanks her.. Biji says, go and put mehandi in your hand. Chaiji also says, go and put mehandi with ranveer and bring gunjan too. Veera denies that she has a lot of work. Biji says, its really best for women to put mehandi in hand. Veera sees that gunjan is moving towards mehandi girl, then veera instantly sits with her. gunjan says, no problem i will put it later. Mehandi girl says, gunjan this is your first mehandi after marriage, so why not you put mehandi by ranveer, then bansari ji also support her. Bansari ji says, you are lucky one who is doing something for his wife. Ranveer put mehandi on gunjan’s hand, O rabba song plays in background..

Next scene gunjan is
getting ready ,she sees her mehandi and puts vermilion onto her head. Ranveer says, gunjan came down fast, everybody is waiting for you. Ranveer says to himself, gunjan you are looking great. Veera gives compliment to balwant tayaji and bansari taiji .. tayaji also gives compliment to gunjan, then both of them ask about baldev. Baldev friends discuss about match then baldev says, i gets out on first ball, i did this for veera but she is not giving gesture at all. baldev friends says, you have to take step first for it. Baldev hugs his friends. Veera came there and asks baldev to come with her. they goes inside. Baldev says, you are saying to me here. veera says, yes. Baldev says to his friend, she is really brave. Veera is anchoring and tells about balwant tayaji and taiji. Veera says, we will enjoy by playing game. Veera says, we will play “Ishq da test dekhe kon hain sabse best”. Ranveer tries to go out from there but biji stops him. Then game starts.Veera asks question from tayaji. Balwant tayaji gives correct answer that bansari taiji hates my snoring. then again balwant tayaji gives correct answer of all questions. Now veera asks question from bansari taiji and she also gives correct answer. Veera says to baldev that ask question from ranveer and gunjan. Ranveer also gives correct answer about gunjan’s likes. Baldev asks from ranveer that what kind of speciality gunjan likes in you, gunjan says in her mind that i like everything but i cant able to see your goodness before but ranveer says, nothing.

Precap:- Outside the house Gunjan gives all correct answer about ranveer’s likes that he likes “aaloo ke paranthe”, n his fav hero is Amitabh bachchan thats why he watched “SHOLEY” movie 7 times.. She is about to fall but ranveer catches her.. She says that he likes her wrist most…
Update Credit to: tushar
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