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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Simple Maria update Sunday 16 April 2017

Vasty is able to follow Chon Chita’s steps to the Orphanage and she thinks may be she is only there because Maria is there so she prefers to try her luck. So, she goes inside too and right after Chon Chita bids farewell to Maria, Vasty manages to enter the orphanage kitchen and points a gun a Maria to agree to go with her if not she will shoot her and Maria looks so frightened and in the act, she tries hitting Vasty with some of the plates to make her confused and in that she was able to escape her through the back door and Vasty goes after her to catch her but she’s able to get out of the orphanage and stepping out, she coincidentally run into Alejandro who has also arrive there to with his car and she begs him to take her far away because someone is after her and off they go without Vasty having to catch them and she looks so furious.
Alejandro calls Mother Superior to let her know that Maria is with him and she also asks him to keep her posted on anything. Alejandro after the call asks Maria if it’s never crossed her mind that that so called sister of hers has been deceiving her but Maria says no but the only thing she thinks is capable of making her sister hate her is because she took away from her, her great boyfriend who was her happiness. Alejandro then tells Maria that, there is no truth in what that so called sister of her told her because the first truth is she is not even her sister and also flirting isn’t part of her as that so called sister told her and Maria pauses back.
Alejandro then tries revealing her real character to her but Maria thinks he is putting her in someone else’s character but Alejandro is willing to prove that to her if only she agrees to go with him. So, Alejandro takes her to her home and it turns into tears of joy but Maria doesn’t understand because she doesn’t recognize them and Alejandro explains things to them as well as Maria. She then pleads with them to forgive her because she lost her memory.
She then reveals to them that her daughter died because she killed her and Cristobal looks so depressed but he and Alejandro calms her down.
Coral still thinks that Tavo is lying to her and therefore there is no need to forgive him but becomes shocked immediately he tells her that he is going into priesthood since he can’t love anyone else.
Marcela reveals to Inocencio that that she can’t stop loving him and so they rekindle their love.
Pina then converse with Maria and then tuition her again about who those people around her represents in her life and how they saw that she was lost from the court house. But after several investigation was done, they saw that a car had an accident and seriously Maria remembers her sister told her about the accident and says she was even the one driving but Pina reveals to her that that so called sister is never her sister and also she lied to her since she’s never drive before as she never learnt to do so. Also she shouldn’t believe that she was a flirt since the only men she’s got involved with is Alejandro the father of her son and Cristobal her husband.
Feli tells the household about Maria’s presence and they look so happy for her return.
Maria looks so depressed with everything that is going on and Cristobal calms her down but Maria says she still doesn’t feel any lovetowards him or anyone but Cristobal doesn’t care about her lost memory because he is sure she will regain and now all he cares about is that she’s return home safely.
Pina then calls the family of Maria to inform them and they look so happy.
Tavo tells his mum about going into priesthood but she thinks he has no vocation in that after taking plenty girls and even he doesn’t go to church on Sundays but Tavo still wants to go into it because if not with Coral then not with any woman and he’s even submitted an application and has been accepted and Feli looks surprised.
After Pina told Mother superior that Maria is now back home with her family and it looks so amazing that she was brought to their orphanage. So, Mother Superior says the reason why she never wanted them to adopt Lupita was because Maria was fond of her but now that she is living in the same house with her, she is giving them the go ahead to adopt the child since she will also be near Maria and Pina looks so happy.
Vasty listens to the news and discovers that Maria has been found by her family and she goes crazy. 
After Rodrigo checked on Maria, the scan shows that Maria may not be able to regain her memory again and this truly hit the family very much.
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