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Saturday, 15 April 2017

SIMPLY MARIA Update on Saturday15th April 2017

Maria gains consciousness and still demands to see her child but Vasty tells her she is actually the cause because she slept on her. Maria still insists to see her dead child but Vastyprefers to strangle her dead because this is the hour of revenge for stealingaway from her the only man she’s everloved and so she ties her with anything she find her hands on and says that room will be her grave.Coral asks her mum if she thinks she should forgive Tavo and her mum says what she thinks doesn’t matter but one thing she knows is to teach her forgiveness because she once was condemned unfairly and put in prison and when even she came out not even a single person apologized to her for sending her to jail unfairly but it was actually other people who truly welcomed her and never abandon her but gave her opportunity and that opportunity is what she wants her to give Tavo since he’s proven to do anything to have her forgiveness and so she thinks the decision is hers and so Coral nods herhead.Vasty prepares coffee for Maria in the kitchen with a poisonous substance so to kill her fast. In that same vein, Maria also struggles to get out of the room and whiles panting, Madam Chon Chita overhears her through her back door and calls her and Maria does everything possible to get into her room and together she helps her to escape with her and first she looks for a place so they could spend the night and the next day took her to an orphanage to work there and Chon Chita explained to them that she’s losther memory and also how her sister Catalina maltreats her and even thinksthat she was the one did something toElisa’s child and she died and so mother superior accepted to let Maria stay.Vasty enters to see that Maria has run away and she becomes crazy and there she detects that Madam Chon Chita is the brain behind and so she decides to go after her because she knows they are running away by that time.Cristobal seems to be having sleepless night with Pina all due to thelost of Maria but they are sure she andher daughter are going to be fine.Claudia thinks Vasty has kept long in getting her out of jail but she better doif not she is going to tell the truth to the authorities that she is still alive.Fabian and Fausto returns and their women looks so happy that they are now successful people in life.Loreano suggests to Pina that they go to the orphanage to adopt a child since many children are there who needs a home but she says that is something she hasn’t psych her mind on and therefore Loreano should give her some time to think about it since Maria’s lost has also caused her soul down and that Loreano is ready to wait for her.Alejandro and Cristobal thinks it will be better that they call all the hospitals to ask if a person called Maria has been admitted at the delivery ward because that could also help see her and Cristobal looks so pleased and thanks Alejandro for his great support to look for his wife.Vasty calls the quark doctor to ask him if he left the boy in an orphanage and after he responded YES, she tells him that she will take care of his account. Quickly, she receives a call from Claudia asking her to visit her in jail because she can’t stand the prisonanymore.Vasty messes up Chon Chita’s room and awaits for her return so she can may be kill her or confront her but luckily for Chon Chita, the caretaker meets her at the entrance to ask her to go back and not step in her room now because Catalina wants to face her but he promises to let her know when to come back when he’s been able to calm Catalina down. So, after Chon Chita left, he goes to let Vasty know that Chon Chita is not coming again to stay in her house and Vasty goes crazy.Pina and Loreano goes to the orphanage to adopt a girl child and mother superior thinks they have one new girl who she’s named Lupita and Pina wants to see her but they are toldto complete some forms first before they can see the child and they are willing to do so.Stay tuned to SIMPLY MARIA on UTV from Fridays - Sundays at 8:00pm - 9:00pm and repeat from Tuesdays - Thursdays at 4:00pm - 5:00pm
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