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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Veera update 5 April 2017

MC-moti Chaijee, R- Ratan, V-Veera, BW-Balwant, BS- Bansuri, BD-Baldev.
MC says.. to Ratan thanks … that she can’t believe everything is set right, Ratan says also thank V.. and V is happy,
RV comes and talks to everyone, he says GJ has got sprain in leg. V, MC, R are happy to see RV happy and start pulling his legs, He is happy and blushes.. V is happy to see all this and get’s black Kajal and indirectly puts it in RV’s hand, RV sees and he is happy to see siblings are staring with happiness.
BW and BS are happy to RanJan happy and BW thanks R and V, BS is unhappy, BD comes in and BW also praises him. BD is happy and BS is relieved. BD takes this chance and asks for vote from BD, as he wants to help whole Pind, BW laughs at it, and pampers BD .. BW leaves with smile. BD is left confused, weather he got the vote or not.
V is happy, and she gets call from BD, who calls her outside, she is reluctant at first but BD says he will come in and ask R for marriage, and after today’s act, she would agree,… V agrees to go out.
BD is mending his hair and V is laughing … BD says, let’s go on date, and V says it’s only for those ppl in love not just like that, as she can never loveBD, BD challenges her … that she would fall for him, if she spends time with him. V assures him to not fall for him even in 2 births but she accepts challenge and gives him three hours. BD is super happy.
First they go and buy bangles, few romantic eyelocks, BD buys bangles, which doesn’t fit .. it hurts V, BD says her pain also hurts him, and BD himself is confused with his words. He takes oil from shopkeeper’s head and V yucks it, but BD successfully puts bangles.GJ is on bed, RV comes with balm, and she says… his won’t help and last tome, her pain had increased. She says, there is no only one solution. She calls RV closer RV is confused, and says… Keep staring at me, my pain will reduce, RV doesn’t believe and GJ says, love has power to reduce all power, both stare, RV blushes, and GJ is happy.
BD sings a song for V, till end of 3 hours. Song ends with cute eyelock. V turns her back, and BD asks if she has fallen. Yaara Ve song in BG, … and Alarm rings, She says time up, but I am not in love… (V is confused right now.. from her expressions). She runs away, and BD is irritated.
R is giving food, and suggests to have only one plate. R is happy to see this and says… RV thanks R, but R gives all the credit to V, and R says, she knows pain of separation, and never wanted RV to go through all the trouble she had. RV hugs her and leaves.
Veera is talking to her dad’s pic saying that Ranvi has given her everyone’s love so I’ve never felt your absence. I always wanted pay back my brother but today I have by bringing gunjan back.
Chaiji walks in. Her and veera are talking about how veera has been a great sis. Ranvi listens and smiles. He then goes to his room to give gunjan food. He leaves saying he has to talk to veera.
Veera begins talking about how ratan and ranvi accepted her despite her being an outsider. Chaiji scolds her saying u are not an outsider…don’t u dare say this again. Ratan and ranvi overhear all this.Ranvi asks veera why she said she’s an outsider. Veera says she said it accidently. Chaiji tells veera to tell the whole truth. Veera blurts out she knows that she’s step. Ratan is in shock. Ranvi questions veera as to how she knows. Veera responds and says when her nana nani came. Ranvi in tears starts blaming himself that he should’ve been more careful. Veera tells veerji that nothing has changed, my love for u and beeji is the same. The only thing that has changed is my respect for u which has doubled. She ends with lets all forget this ever happened and not open up this topic again.
Ratan says we should listen to veera as she has become so big that she kept all this in secret. Ranvi may forget everything but i can’t so I would like to punish veera. Veera says I’ll accept any punishment u give me. Ratan says your punishment is that from today onwards dont u dare call yourself an outsider. And don’t u ever think that u are not my daughter. From today u are my daughter and they hug. Veera has childhood flashbacks. Ratan asks for forgiveness for not giving her a mothers love and for blaming her for all the bad things that happened. Veera says no beeji I knew u always cared for me, it doesn’t matter if u didn’t show it. Ratan Ranvi and Ratan hug.
Gunjan in her room wonders why ranvi hasn’t come up. She sees ranvi and veera feeding each other. Gunjan says I was waiting to eat with u ranvi but u eat without me.
Precap- Ratan singing a lullaby to veera. Ranvi is smiling.
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