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Friday, 7 April 2017

VEERA Update on Friday 7th April 2017

Gunjan and Bansuri scene-Episode starts with Gunjan and Bansuri, where Gunjan tells Bansuri how she has always wanted her love. Bansuri tells her that she can get her love if she gets Ranvi to back out from the sarpanch elections, to help Baldev. Gunjan is disappointed and refuses. Bansuri gets irritated and takes out her anger on Gunjan, telling her that she doesn’t deserve her love.
VeeBa Scene-Scene shifts to Veera in the gurudwara. She is thanking God for making everything right between her and Ratan.Thats when Baldev is shown sitting next to Veera, praying to God that Veera’s wishes come true. Veera is surprised to see Baldev there. Baldev thanks Veera, and a confused Veera asks him why he said that. Baldev thanks her for believing in him. Veera looks confused. Veera denies it, saying that she was praying for her brother to win, and not him. And she vows that Ranvi will win. Baldev is disappointed.
Later, Baldev tells Veera that he will win and become sarpanch. Baldev grabs Veera’s arm, and she asks him what he is doing. Baldev tells Veera that they will get married soon. That’s in their destiny.
Ranvi and Bansuri Scene-Ranvi is busy working in the fields, when Bansuri sees him. She is being all nice to him, offering him kachoris that she had made. Ranvi happily tells her that he is always happy to help them. Bansuri pretends to be upset, and Ranvi asks her what happened. Bansuri admits that she is worried about Baldev. And how its obvious that Ranvi will win and become sarpanch. She pretends to cry, telling Ranvi how unhappy Baldev will be and how heartbroken she will feel.
Veera and Ratan Scene- Ratan asks Veera to check all the paperwork for Ranvi’s sarpanch application. Gunjan has a pooja plate for Ranvi’s aarti before he goes to the office. Ranvi arrives then, and lets them know that he will not run.
Everyone is surprised. Ratan questions him why the sudden change in decision. Gunjan also tries to persuade Ranvi to run for sarpanch, and so does Veera. Ranvi admits that Baldev has always dreamed of becoming sarpanch, whereas he thought of running only now. Ranvi tells them that if Baldev becomes sarpanch, he will be a good leader for their village. Veera questions Ranvi if he can trust Baldev to lead their village.
Ratan admits that Baldev is good at heart, but doesn’t have the skills to become sarpanch yet. Ranvi tells them that even he is not knowledgeable about what it takes to be sarpanch, and yet they are supporting him. Ranvi sticks with his decision to support Baldev completely.
Gunjan and Bansuri Scene- Gunjan angrily asks Bansuri why she is doing all this. She tells her that she knows she is the one who asked Ranvi to pull out from the sarpanch elections. Gunjan tells her that as always, Bansuri has always supported only her son, and never cared for her as her daughter. Gunjan tells her that Veera, despite not being Ratan’s daughter, gets the love that a daughter should get from her mother, while she doesn’t even though she is Bansuri’s biological daughter.
Baldev and Ranvi Scene-Baldev is campaigning in the village, and is thanking everyone for their support. Billa arrives there to give Baldev the good news that Ranvi has stepped down from the sarpanch elections. Baldev doesn’t care, as either way he says he would win. Ranvi arrives there. He tells Baldev that he will support him completely during the elections. Baldev tells him that he can manage alone, but thanks him anyway. Bansuri looks a little worried, when she hears Baldev bragging to Ranvi that he will win. Once Ranvi leaves, Baldev angrily says that he knows what he is doing, and doesn’t need anyone’s advice.
Missed first two mins of episode
Veera worries that if Ranvi does not take part in the Sarpanch election, then no one else will have the courage to stand in the elections and defeat Baldev. She goes to the farm to speak with Ranvi. She tries to help him with the work, but he says since she’s not knowledgeable it’ll result in loss. Same way she says, even if a person who’s not capable becomes the Sarpanch it’ll result in loss for the pind. She admits that Baldev is a good person at heart, and may become capablle and responsible in the future, but right now he’s not the right person to take charge of the Pind.
Ranvi and Veera return to see Chaiji, Ratan and Balwant worried. Ranvi says he has considered all the points, but he’s uncertain if he’ll be able to execute all the responsibilities properly even if he becomes Sarpanch. Balwant says he won’t force him if he’s not willing to take part, and leaves.
Ranvi is in his room, pareshaan about Bansuri’s as well as Veera’s dialogues. Gunjan comes with a mood to cheer him up. She makes sounds with her earrings, bangles and her paayal. But Ranvi is lost in thoughts. Finally she comes and plays with his ears, when he is surprised. She tries to spice up the romance by helping him change his shirt, but Ranvi says he’ll change by himself and leaves shyly.

It is night time, Veera is sleeping, when someone enters in the darkness. He hits himself against the chair and cries out. Veera awakes and finds it is Baldev! She demands what he’s doing here in the middle of the night like a Chor, but he says he has something to give to her. He brings out an engagement ring and says since he would be busy after becoming Sarpanch, this is the only time when they can confirm their Rishtha, and also give assurance to their respective families that he’ll marry her Meanwhile Cahiji overhears Baldev’s voice and wonders who is inside Veera’s room at this time. She starts knocking and calling out
Veera threatens Baldev that she’ll tell Chaiji about his pranks, and Baldev in turn threatens her that he’ll demand her hand in marriage, from Chaiji Veera is petrified, and pleads with him to go, and he accepts on one condition that she should wear the ring! Veera says she has to talk to Beeji and Ranvi first, and tries to avoid it but Baldev says she has only one day…Veera promises in desperation and almost throws Baldev out
Veera lies to Chaiji that it was sounds from her laptop and Chaiji believes…
Baldev has filed his nomination but Balwant isn’t happy…Baldev says the pind will be happy when he becomes Sarpanch…Just then the crowd applauds for Ranvi and his family coming to file his nomination
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