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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

VEERA Update on Thursday 6th April 2016

Episode starts with Ranveer came to his room and give good news to gunjan that biji has accepted to veera as her child. Ranveer tells the truth of veera that gunjan didnt take birth at his home. Gunjan ask, did veera tell that who has told this? Ranveer says, i think that veera has heard biji and my conversation. Gunjan says, i want sweets on this occasion. Ranveer gone from that room. Gunjan then says, this is auspicious occation for us to ranveer, i want to see alot but you are not here. Biji sings song for veera.
Biji sees ranveer and ask, why is this sweets. Ranveer says, this isauspicious occation for us, so sweet is must. Biji ask, have you given sweets to gunjan? Ranveer says, no. Biji says, go and give it to her. Ranveer goes into room and see that gunjan is already slept.
At morning, gunjan wants to close the zip,but she is unable. Ranveer feels shy and gunjan says, do it. Ranveer feels hesitation then gunjan says, you cannot close the zip with one hand. Ranveer then break the zip, then gunjan does acting then she hugs him. Ranveer says, somebody will see us. Ranveer then gone from room.
Veera says that election is coming. Chaiji says, one of our relative is also standing in election. Veera then educate her that we have inquire about candidate for election.
everybody starts breakfast and chaiji and biji pulling leg of ranveer and veera. Chaiji gives complement of baldev then veera supports him too. Baldev reaches there and says, i always respect for ladies. chaiji says, ya. come and lets do breakfast.
Veera then gone from there. Ranveer tries to wash his hand and gunjan help him to wash. ranveer gives compliment to gunjan for her parathe. Baldev says, oye gunjan, why are you washing legs of ranveer. Veera talk with her friendthen baldev also reaches there. Veera says, why you came up, go and take your breakfast. Baldev says, soon, you will give me food with your own hand.
Baldev says, now everything is set, now we will think about us. veera says, now its enough. Stop your drama. Baldev says, i am not doing drama. Now i will do this with all right because i win all the bets. Veera says, dont do joke now. baldev says, you know i am not doing joking. I will not step back, now i will talk about our wedding.
VeeBa Scene-Episode starts with an angry Baldev holding Veera’s hand and promising her that he will get married to her, since he won all her challenges. Veera asks Baldev if he knows what a marriage means, and asks him what he has done to be worthy of marriage. Veera admits to him that these challenges were a way for her to get away from Baldev, but her plan flopped, since Baldev won all her challenges.
Veera questions Baldev, asking him what his true identity is. Baldev vows that he will prove it, by becoming the next sarpanch. Veera tells him what becoming sarpanch means, and asks him to become responsible first, and only then can he become sarpanch of his village.
RanJan Scene-Scene shifts to Gunjan keeping diyas in her and Ranvi’s room. Ranvi comes in and wonders why there are lit diyas in the room. Gunjan is hiding behind a curtain. Ranvi blows out all the diyas, and Gunjan is disappointed, asking him why he blew out the diyas. Ranvi doesn’t understand why Gunjan is disappointed. He was worried about a fire, but Gunjan admits that she was trying to be romantic. Ranvi understands and turns off the light. He pulls Gunjan towards him, and together they light the diya, sharing an eyelock.
Wantsuri Scene-Scene shifts to Bansuri and Balwant. Balwant tells Bansuri that he has a busy day today. Bansuri lights up talking about Baldev becoming sarpanch. Balwant gets irritated and says that he will not support Baldev. Baldev has no qualities to become sarpanch. Bansuri tells Balwant that he is always finding fault in Baldev. Balwant says that Ranvi is the one who can become sarpanch. Bansuri tries to persuade Balwant that Baldev needs their support. Balwant is still only thinking of Ranvi as a candidate for sarpanch.
Baldev and Bansuri scene-Baldev arrives then, irriated at the idea of responsibility. Baldev asks Bansuri why is she worried. Bansuri assures him that she believes in him as the only candidate for sarpanch.
Balwant and Ranvi scene-Balwant tries to persuade Ranvi to run for sarpanch. Ranvi is surprised. Ranvi refuses to run for sarpanch. He says that he will support Balwant for the betterment of the village, but not run for sarpanch. Balwant asks him to think about it.
Once Balwant leaves, Ranvi walks away from everyone. Ratan asks Ranvi why he refused to run for sarpanch.Ratan tries to persuade him that he has the qualities to become sarpanch. Ranvi doesn’t understand why he has to become sarpanch to perform these responsibilities. Veera tries to convince Ranvi, telling him how if he doesn’t run, their village might get a sarpanch who is not good enough for their village. Ranvi finally agrees to run for sarpanch. Everyone is happy.
Veera tells him that they will fill out the forms later.
Baldev and Jaggi Scene- Jaggi is taking pictures of Baldev for his sarpanch campaign. Jaggi asks Baldev to pose lifting the cart, and Baldev refuses. Billa arrives with a older man and a young boy to take pictures with Baldev for his campaign. The older man looks scared of Baldev, when Baldev threatens him if he doesn’t posewith him for pictures.
Bansuri and Gunjan Scene-Gunjan is surprised to see Bansuri. Bansuri talks sweetly to Gunjan, offering her food that she had prepared. Bansuri gets upset when Gunjan tells her that Ranvi is running for sarpanch. Gunjan asks Bansuri why she looks upset. That’s when Bansuri tells Gunjan how its been Baldev’s dream to become sarpanch, and he would be shattered if he didn’t become sarpanch. Bansuri tries to convince Gunjan to get Ranvi to back out from running for sarpanch. Gunjan refuses. She argues that Ranvi is the perfect candidate for sarpanch. Bansuri gets upset, reminding Gunjan how much Baldev has done to bring her and Ranvi together, and this is how she responds.
Precap- Ranvi tells Baldev that he will support him completely during the sarpanch elections. Baldev is happy, and says that he is capable without anyone’s help, but thanks Ranvi anyway. Ranvi reminds Baldev of the responsibilities as sarpanch, and asks him to keep that in mind.
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