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Monday, 3 April 2017

Veers update 3 April 2017

veera came from downstairs and inform to them that veerji is coming then biji and chaiji discus about girls. Ranveer comes into home and biji ask from ranveer that which girl do you like? Ranveer says, biji i dont like to do another marriage. Biji says, you have to do marriage. If you choose girl otherwise i will select girl for you. Now this time i will give happiness to you.

Biji gets upset then veera says, biji dont get upset, have you seen that veerji and gunjan bhabi didnt admit about their love. bansari’s friend came says, this is happen because of ranveer. Baldev came and says, why you came here and dont get intimate in my family matter. Biji, dont hear her conversation. bansari ji says, you are taking favour of them. veera says to bansari that i came here to give gunjan bhabi’s
clothes. Gunjan remembers about ranveer. Veera meets with gunjan and says, here is your remaining clothes, now you can go anywhere you want.

Everybody again does acting in front of ranveer. Veera says to ranveer, we haveselect this girl thats why i called her and pandit ji. Ranveer says, i dont want to marry again. I dont want to bind up with any relation. Veera says, dont stopthis drama, i know gunjan bhabi will come to our house. Gunjan come to ranveer’s home and spyingly see everything. Biji ask from pandit ji about ranveer’s marriage date. pandit ji says, tomorrow is best day. Everybody gets ready for tomorrow date.

Veera says, gunjan bhabi is gone. we have to continue this drama until gunjan bhabi will admit about her love. Gunjan came to home and says to her father, ranveer is going to get married tomorrow. balwant tayaji says, now i will discus with them and this time only i will chat with her.

veera came to meet with ranveer and says, take your breakfast. Ranveer says, i cant believe that you can go against with me. you know that i cant become happy
with another marriage. veera says, we only want to see you happy. Ranveer says, i thought that you understand me but i was wrong, you dont understand me. veera gone from room.
Veera says, we have to prepare everything, we dont have enough time. gunjan says to herself, oye ranveer, dont you need to inform me. Gunjan then says, ya veerji i am hungry. baldev then order food item. Gunjan says, yes veerji, you are right, i will now always be happy and i want to eat sweets. I want to go to delhi, i will live happily at delhi. Baldev says, yes you can go there. Gunjan says, i was thinking that i will go tomorrow. Ranveer says to veera, i am going, you bring items to home.

Precap:- Baldev inform to veera that gunjan is going to delhi tomorrow.
Update Credit to: tushar

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