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Monday, 31 July 2017

Fearless Heart Update on Tuesday 1st August 2017

Wow, tonight was action packed! La Niña Bonita swears she’s innocent and says the reason she said that about his never seeing Alma again if he killed her is that she’s the only one who can get her back from Jesús Matamoros, who is doing all this because he’s jealous of her relationship with Miggy. Wow, she’s giving Malicia from El Clon a run for her money.

Jesús nervously asks Sam about the drawing of EM. Sam says it’s engraved in her memory. He asks what he looks like. She says tiene una nariz chata, pequeña, cabello claro y los ojos también, gordito y bajo. (a short, fat guy with a flat nose, light hair and eyes). Jesús has to cover his mouth to hide his smile.

Ángela tells D8D to get out of JM’s room; he has nothing to say to him. D8D says they’ll always have the Reptile in common!

Lady tells Willy what Jesús has prompted her to say. The scientist only met with her to clear things up. It’s another woman who interests him.

Ringo calls Jesús, worried about the Reptile. Jesús addresses him as Baby and tells him she doesn’t deserve his concern. He tells him to find Alma and fast!

Clara is walking down the road, furious after seeing the Reptile kissing Camilo. He tells her what I thought also. The Reptile is half crazy and thought he was Luis. [Likely thinking they both were in hell since she thought she was dead for a minute there.] Clara quickly forgives him.

Fabiola screams the truth at NB – that she took the baby to prevent their leaving. NB says that Miggy is her companion, her friend, and her lover, and she doesn’t want to lose him. But she didn’t do it.

Laura tells Dirty Dummy Duval that the drawing is not EM. She tells him the guy called threatening her daughter. He tells her she did well; let the cops handle it from now on [!] But she says EM’s face is in her head, if not on the paper, and she’s not going to rest until she gets him.

Sam and Jesús enter a boxing ring and she is teaching him to punch. She also tells him the daughter of a friend of hers wants to meet him; she wants to be a scientist. Her name is Jessica! Whoops.

Fabiola yells at Miggy that it was NB who took the baby. Jesús Matamoros told her so. He says he doesn’t know which one to believe, but he needs a plan to get Alma back.

D8D arrives at Willy’s place of business. He recognizes Lady.

Fabiola tells NB that Miggy may have his doubts, but she knows NB did it. NB gives her an evil grin and says FF turned out smarter than she thought. She tells her she’ll give Alma back when FF leaves Miggy for good

Three guys leer at Sam at the gym and don’t get out of her way when she tries to walk past. Jesús asks them nicely to respect the lady. When they challenge him, he dispatches all three! Afterwards, Jesús calls himself an idiot.

D8D says he came to tell Willy that his sister is in bad shape because she learned that her real mother is Ofelia.

FF tells Miggy that NB admitted stealing Alma and that she would give her back if FF left Miggy. NB responds that FF is in a bad state and brazens it out. Fabiola sarcastically tells Miggy that maybe she’s insane with jealousy and a pair of pants means more to her than her daughter.

The Reptile goes all Doña Victoria on Camilo, Gus, and Clara, telling them to hurry up and get her food and a cup of tea. Gus tells her to keep it up and he’ll treat her like she treated him at Casa Verdugo! The Reptile tells Camilo that Jesús Matamoros didn’t take the baby; he’s in LA.

Miggy comes to apologize to NB. He says she was right. He shouldn’t have been with a kid instead of a real woman. He feels desolate without his daughter. Fabiola has changed so much having been with EV. He wants to leave her and wants NB to help him get her out of his heart. Passionate kisses. She is a bit suspicious of the timing, but he says he has been gradually realizing it. He says he thinks FF is protecting EM and that they have his daughter. He asks her to keep their secret. We see smug smiles from NB. She’s swallowed the bait. He tells her that he wants her to help him find Alma and, when he has her, he’ll send Fabiola to LA and stay with NB.
Willy listens to D8D tell about he and Ofelia not knowing they were related until after the affair began. Nora agreed to pass as Fernanda’s mother. Willy tells him he should be in jail. He says the man that found Sam poisoned told her that she should watch out for D8D, and he, Willy, knows it’s true. D8D tries out some righteous indignation and says he couldn’t have done it; he loves Sam. Willy has his number. He says you love her, but you also hate her because you know she’ll never be yours. Willy tells him to get out because it’s terrible to be in front of his father and want to kill him.

Ringo has been dunking some guy’s head in water, but tells EM he hasn’t discovered where either the baby or the Reptile is. EM says he’ll tell him how to find the baby, but the Reptile doesn’t mean a rat’s patootie to him.

Miggy tells the other two musketeers about his plan to trick NB and that they should not tell FF.

D8D tells Rotten Rod that he saw the girl who was in the mansion in Colombia working as a model in Willy’s agency.

Nora comes to see D8D, disgusted that he told the Reptile about Ofelia. She realizes this will make her even more evil. D8D tells her the Reptile doesn’t have Nora’s blood, her goodness [understatement of the year]. He says there’s no way for the Reptile to return.

Jesús has gotten Lady to take Willy’s cell phone when he wasn’t paying attention. He texts Sam. Jesús says that now they’ll have to wait until she’s not with him. He says he believes in destiny. He has sent Sam a message that appears to come from Willy requesting a romantic get away.

Duval comes to show Jesús the drawing, and Jesús laughs out loud. Duval says he’s going to meet with Laura that evening to convince her to let it go. Duval gives Jesús a phone number. It turns out to be Gus’ cell. He calls and says he’s Jesús Matamoros. Miggy grabs the phone and asks if he has his daughter. Jesús says that he doesn’t break agreements. It wasn’t him. He says that Miggy has a woman in love with him who is worse than he (Jesús) is. She doesn’t care about kids. Jesús says he told Fabiola several times to be careful of NB. “Wanna know why I called? I don’t like my name dragged through the dirt!” Miggy tells him he has Fernanda del Castillo. Jesús says that for all he cares, kill her.

Miggy turns on the Reptile and tells her EM doesn’t care a fig for you and what can we do with you. He says that considering what she’s done to his family … and pulls a gun on her. Fabiola and Gus both say not to do it.

Laura lies to Ángela when she asks about JM’s health. After Angie leaves JM calls Laura. He’s afraid to open the envelope with his test resultsand wants to come and open it with her. She says fine. She’s expecting someone, but he won’t be there long.

The someone is Duval. Laura tells him she can’t figure out how Jesús could know she was about to do a police sketch. He looks dumber than ever. She says she’s done what she does best: investigate. She’s looked into his family. His mother, the bank teller, bought a $1 million house last year. His brother the mechanic has a yacht in his name. Duval makes a good salary but not enough to buy his brother a house on the beach, two apartments, a new car. And, funny thing, the only person who uses all these things is Duval. He asks her, snarling, how much she wants. She says all she wants is to see him in jail.

Sam shows up somewhere. There’s a note to put on the music. She does. There’s some boxes saying put these on. Her phone rings, another text telling her to tell him when she’s ready. We see a silhouette of Sam behind a screen putting on some Victoria’s Secret stuff. We see Jesús sitting in a chair waiting for her.

Laura yells at Duval. “How could you do it? Cops die daily confronting scum like the ones bribing you.” He pulls a gun. She tells him he probably can’t kill her with his bare hands, and the gun would make too much noise. He grabs a knife that was on a table. She runs forward to try and get it away. He stabs her. But we hear JM banging on the door. Laura tells him to go away.

D8D tells Ángela that he’s come to talk with her about JM.

JM bursts in and Duval goes after him with the knife. JM uses those mad skilz we’ve seen before and overpowers Duval and takes his gun. He goes to Laura. I wish he wouldn’t turn his back on Duval, though.

What’s NB up to now? She shows some thugs a picture of Samantha, saying she’s Miggy’s sister. Miggy approaches, and she hides the photo behind her back. Miggy tells her he just came from talking with Jesús Matamoros. She asks if he believes her or EM. He kisses her in response. But FF comes in and sees them, of course.

Sam comes out from behind the screen and sees Jesús. What? Then HE asks Sam what she is doing, like it’s a big surprise. Just then Willy comes in and sees Sam in the sexy undies and Jesús very close to her!
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