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Monday, 31 July 2017

Veera Episode 575--576 Update on Tuesday 1st August 2017

The Episode starts with Chai ji and Ratan talking about Nihaal, as he used to get tea for them and spoil their habit. Ranvi hears them and asks shall I get it. They say no. Chai ji says Ratan is findin tough to do work as its cold. Ranvi says shall we keep maid. Ratan says no. Chai ji says about Nihaal bringing biscuit, and Gunjan does not know our choice. Ranvi gets annoyed and angry on Gunjan. Ratan says its fine. Chai ji says Nihaal knows our choice. Ranvi says can’t you tell us your choice, if you can tell Nihaal. Chai ji says no, we did not tell him, he just knew what we like. She says Ratan did not ask him to get anything, and a wife can ask her husband by her right, and feels laidback to ask children. He thinks about Veera’s words that Nihaal can become Ratan’s lifepartner.

Simran stops Baldev and asks him not to be annoyed, as she is going to be his wife soon. He says fine, Simran ji tell me. She makes him eat the chaat and says its your fav chaat from your fav stall. He coughs and gets angry. She asks what. He says I have allergy by groundnuts. Balwant comes and asks what happened. Baldev says she made me eat groundnut. Balwant says how will you go to get sherwani stitch, who made you eat it. Baldev shows Simran. Balwant says take him to room, I will get medicine. Simran starts crying and says its not my mistake, I sneeze when I cry. Baldev says stay away from me and leaves.

Chai ji makes Kerele dish for Veera and asks her to have kheer and aloo dish. Veera says you are making me eat sweet to make me fat and not marry. Chai ji says no, have this koftas. Veera says why all this, you think I m so worried to have so much food together. Chai ji says no, you won’t have food in worry, and you don’t look worried to me. Veer assays yes, I m not worried and starts eating. She smiles and says you made koftas good, why did you not make when Ranvi was against me and Baldev’s marriage, he would have agreed eating this. They cry. Veera says what happened was for good, I don’t care.

She eats kheer and says you always make kheer, not halwa for me. She leaves. Baldev rests in bed and sneezes. Bansuri sits by his side. He says is Simran mad, I m getting rashes on body, take her out. Billa and Jaggi come and say the chaat stall vendor knows about Baldev’s allergy, you got the wrong one. Simran gets upset and leaves. They smile. Amrit asks Simran how can she be so careless, did they tell the vendor to not put groundnut. Simran says yes. Amrit says if he does not get well in two days, our efforts will go waste, there are few days for marriage and he can cancel it.

She says his love for Veera will rise and your fate will sleep, this marriage has to happen at any cost. Simran says I will be careful. Veera talks to Billa and says Baldev may be sneezing and have rashes, what, he is going tomorrow to get sherwani, I will puncture his jeep. She sees Ranvi and Gunjan hugging and making promises in love. She smiles and misses Baldev. She comes to her room and cries thinking of Baldev’s words and his promises. Mahiya…………….plays……………..

Baldev gets fine and talks to Bansuri. She says this happened before, why did you scold Simran. Baldev says don’t take her side. Bansuri says its not her mistake, she did not know this. You are marrying her and you are promising to support her all the life. She says once you marry, Veera will be forever away from your life. He is stunned. Veera says she does not want to lose Baldev as she loves him.

Its morning, Baldev and Veera get restless and think to meet. Baldev says Jaggi was right, if I marry Simran, Veera will marry Rajveer. He imagines them holding hands and Veera accepting Rajveer’s proposal. He shouts no. Veera says if Baldev and Simran get married, he will be her forever and imagines Baldev and Simran happily ever after married moments. She shouts no. He says I have to talk to Veera and runs out of home. She runs out of her home. Bansuri stops Baldev and asks him to see his wedding card. She asks to say how is it. He says yes, its very good. Veera comes and hears him praising the card design. Bansuri sees Veera behind him and smiles. Baldev turns and sees Veera.

Bansuri asks Baldev to invite his friends and give the cards. Mahiya………….plays………….. Veera turns to leave. Baldev stops her. Bansuri leaves. Baldev thinks to tell her that he still loves her and told yes to marry Simran in anger. He says I was coming……….. She says coming to meet me and give this card, to tell me that our relation is over, right. She says everything is decided now, what should I say, to bless you and Simran. He says yes, you are right, what can you now. She says good cards, your choice, no sense of color and design.
He says my choice is better than you, my wife is better than you, you are jealous. She says I don’t care, marry anyone. He asks why did you come here. She says I was just passing by. They start arguing. She says I m happy to get rid of you finally, do anything, I don’t care. She leaves. Baldev turns to go inside. She stops and thinks he did not stop, he does not care for me. She turns and he turns to see her. He thinks she doesnot care for me, I was fool to talk to her.

Ranvi tells Veera if Baldev really loved you, he would have come to make up to you. Trust and fear is important in a relation.

The Episode starts with, VeeBa talking about each other. Baldev says he will forget her. She says he never loved me. They look shattered. Bansuri asks Balwant why is he upset if he is not happy with her decision. He says no, fine show me the clothes . She shows and says we will wear same color clothes, to show we are from one family, I'm so happy. He asks does this give you any happiness, relations should not be forgottenand broken, did you try to accept Baldev's choice ever. She says you are talking about Veera. He says you know his fav color, but as for his love you're not. Bansuri justifies herself, She starts arguing and says we have to change, not to remember the old things. He leaves annoyed. Amrit hears them.

Veera comes home. Chaiji asks her to help her in making garlands. Veera says I can't focus, I feel restless. Chaiji asks what happened. Veera says nothing. Ranvi comes and brings a puppet to make Veera smile. He does the puppet show and makes her laugh. He tells her childhood story and she laughs. She says you made me laugh. He says you are like my daughter and hugs her. She says Baldev is really marrying, the date is also fixed and even cards are printed. Ranvi says I feel a better man is waiting for you. He says if Baldev really loved you, he would have come to convince you.

He says trust should be there., Veera thinks about Baldev and cries. She thinks Baldev took this decision in anger, he does not want to marry Simran, three lives will ruin, I have to make him reconsider this again. She thanks her veerji and leaves. Gunjan likes the Lehenga and talks to Bansuri on phone. Veera comes to her and she ends the call. She says that her beeji has sent this lahenga, I can understand what you are going through. Veera says same here, its your brother's marriage and you have to attend all functions. She says Baldev should be happy, even I want him go be happy. I have some work, I will meet later. She leaves. Gunjan says what did she say, I did not understand.

She says she can ask lehenga money from Ranvi saying she has to give Bansuri, how much can I ask, Rs 50000, I can give to my friend, what about the loan taken, what should I do, I can't ask so much money, I hate myself. She bumps into door and Ranvi keeps hand in between. He asks is she fine, why is she lost. She says she is thinking to ask for Rs 1 lakh for spending in Baldev's marriage. He says Rs. 1 lakh. She says Beeji got this Rs 50000 designer Lehenga from Mumbai and I want to give beeji another Rs 50000. He agrees. She hugs him, and asks him to give more money. He says whats mine is yours, spend wisely, later you can regret, and you have many jewellery, if you want, ask my beeji, I will give Rs 1 lakh, but why for jewellery, I can't and says its waste of money.

She says fine, 1 lakh is enough. She kisses him and they smile. Veera meets Baggi and they talk about Baldev ruining 3 lives in anger. She says he won't listen to me, he is very angry, its useless to talk. She says we have to postpone his marriage. They ask how. She says we are here at tailor shop, as he has given his Sherwani for stitching. She makes a plan and tells them. They go to the shop. They make the tailor busy and take him to give measurements for their Sherwani. Veera goes there and sees the book for Baldev's sherwani cloth piece and measurements details. Jaggi asks is Baldev has given any Sherwani order here, and asks details. Veera hides. She changes the cloth and it's details. They leave at once afte that. Veera says work is done, they will get the shock now.

Amrit cries seeing Bansuri come. Bansuri asks what happened, why are you crying. Amrit says nothing. Bansuri asks tell me. Amrit says I heard Balwant telling you about Baldev and Simran's marriage, I'm sad, make Baldev marry Veera, I will take Simran and go, no one will be happy if Baldev and Balwant is not happy. Bansuri says no, they are happy, the marriage will happen. Amrit asks will she cancel it later. Bansuri says no, I can write on stamp paper. Amrit says you are so good, I trust you more than myself, I don't trust my fate, Simran was little when her dad died, and I did her upbringing alone, she is my life, how will I stay alone after she gets married. She does emotional blackmail. Bansuri says you will stay here with me. Amrit gets glad and praises her.

Bansuri says Baldev's Sherwani is coming tomorrow, he will look a princess. She hugs Amrit. Amrit cunningly smiles. Next day morning, Bansuri gets the clothes from tailor. She shows the Sherwani and is shocked seeing a cheap man. Baldev gets annoyed.

Baldev throws things in his room and ruins it in anger. Simran comes and is shocked seeing the mess. He says I like to be like this, I don't like cleanliness.
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