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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Fearless Heart Update on Monday 14th August 2017

Propellerads Fabiola tells Miggy it’s impossible for La Niña Bonita to be expecting his child. Maybe she thinks, like certain members of Congress, that good sperm “have a way of shutting that thing down” rather than impregnate an evil woman. Miggy is very ashamed. He tells FF he has no proof she’s pregnant, but he has one of those TN feelings that she’s telling the truth. When she asks why NB would have tried to kill the father of her child, he tells her it was D8D who tried to kill him.

Meanwhile, back in the dungeon, NB gloats over D8D. She says she killed Useless Rod with her very own hands and says she warned him not to mess with her. [She’s right; she did!]

Sam accuses Willy of having followed her to that party after he says he saw her kissing EM. She tells him it was just an act so that people would believe she was his date. She also tells Willy he left her and made her do crazy things. But she didn’t deceive him. The crazy thing was staying in love with an idiot. [Hear! Hear!]

Ringo again offers to kill JM so Jesús can live happily ever after with the “widow”. EM refuses. He says he has a plan.

Angie pulls away from JM after a very long kiss. She says she’ll never come back to him.

The Colombian hairdresser tells NB that he did as she asked and called Bogotá. The DEA has arrived there, plus Fabiola. She doesn’t want to hear about FF; she touches her stomach and says that the baby will bring him back to her.

Willy, who has no sense whatsoever about his own life, advises JM that he needs to tell Ángela the truth. JM continues to act like an idiot. He says he isn’t going to take the Reptile’s briefcase full of money. Willy reminds him that it’s his OWN money.

Sam has a heart-to-heart with Angie and tells her that after Willy used her and abused her, she was ready to go to bed with Dr. Montoya. But he was a gentleman and turned her down.

EM approaches a depressed looking Lady and tells her she shouldn’t listen behind doors. She admits she heard the whole thing. She has the same worries as Ringo. That EM has enemies here in LA. Showing the same old ability of non-protagonist males to jump the bones of women they aren’t in love with, EM proceeds to undress Lady.

At, I think, Gus’s house, he, Camilo, Clara, Angie, and Laura are having breakfast. [Funny how we rarely see anyone cooking these large breakfasts they’re always enjoying.] When Ángela leaves, Laura asks Gus if he and Angie have anything going on. The reply: ¡Nada! JM arrives to tell Gus about the Reptile being at large in LA.

And, speaking of our favorite sociopath, she enters a room wearing a Santa Clause suit! She proceeds to seduce Ringo, whose indifference melts away at the sight of the Xmas red undies under the Santa suit. Later, much later, Repto-Clause tells Ringo that, if JM dies, she’s going to take Génesis to raise, to be a mini-her.

Fabiola starts to whine [sorry, Deb] to Miggy about her blood boiling at the thought of NB incubating his offspring. In a truly ludicrous turn of events, Lagos – the DEA guy – comes in and tells Miggy he’s not off the hook just because he was 5 minutes away from the Grim Reaper. Oh, no. The deal still stands. He has to go after NB. [Wonder where they’ll put the tracking device this time? Or is this too indelicate a question?]

We get another of the increasingly boring scenes of Sam and Willy sniping at each other, this time about Xmas. Sam gets a call from someone telling her they’ve killed Dr. Montoya. Rather amusingly, Willy: Yo no fui.

We see EM, blood on his chest and an ambulance pulling up. Willy offers to take Sam to the hospital, thinking she’s too rattled to drive.

Fabiola goes after Lagos. She tells him the DEA did NOT protect Miggy. He stupidly says that they are “perfecting the system” and they won’t be able to find the next one. Miggy says he’ll go on one condition: NB cannot be killed.

We next see EM on the operating table. So this is why both Ringo and Lady said he was doing something risky. Gigante tells Sam and Willy that Dr. Montoya was attacked, but survived. He tells Sam she should not have quit her assignment. Willy’s ears perk up and he starts grilling Sam about her having stopped guarding Dr. M. and why.

When Miggy tells Lagos about NB’s pregnancy, he coldly responds that maybe the baby will be another of NB’s many victims – collateral damage. Then Lagos says his guys are looking high and low for Casa Verdugo, and when they find it they’ll destroy everything and everyone inside. [Huh? Why does Miggy need to be involved if this is the plan?]

Willy starts asking a lot of nasty questions about why Sam quit her assignment. I am definitely getting tired of Willy’s act. Gigante tells Sam and Willy that, when they took EM to the recovery room, his first word was “Samantha”.

Cecilia is now doing some kind of work at Sam’s bodyguard agency. She asks Angie if she wants to go out on a manhunt together; she knows some great clubs. Angie smiles and refuses. When Gus comes in, Ceci says, of course, she’s offering her merchandise when her pantry is already full! I really like Cecilia. Gus has come to take Angie Xmas shopping.

JM tells Laura he’s spending the money the Reptile gave him on a very expensive treatment. Then he says this is a special Christmas; it may be his last.

Sam comes in to EM’s room. He recognizes her without opening his eyes, saying it’s her special smell. She tells him she shouldn’t have quit, knowing the danger he was in. He tells her some guys grabbed him trying to get him to give them the “formula”. He refused and they said they’d kill him. Sam offers to again guard him, if he wants. He immediately says he does.

Fabiola tells Lagos that Miggy will never turn NB over to the DEA. They should send her instead. She’d do it!

D8D tells NB to go ahead and laugh. She does. He says she’ll cry tears of blood like those that flowed from RR’s wrists.

Lady and Ringo come in to see EM. He says he wasn’t really shot. The doctor had told him he needed to have his vesícula (gallbladder) removed. So he took advantage of this surgical procedure to fool Sam.

Angie and Gus meet Laura and JM at the mall. Génesis goes to see Santa Clause. Whoops! Santa Clause has a whole lot of eye makeup on. It’s Repto-Clause.

In the usual telenovela lightning quick reversal of one’s medical prognosis, EM starts to feel bad; he grimaces in pain. He has a high fever and is somewhat delirious, talking to Ringo about Christmas when they were children.

Sam sweetly tries to reason with Willy, that they could have a Christmas together and a happy year end. And then she asks him to marry her!

The flatline count goes up! EM has joined the rest of the cast in being dead for a while.

Lagos comes to say that Fabiola has disappeared. Miggy rants about what a bunch of useless cops they are. It looks like NB kidnapped her. She gets out of an ambulance, looking drugged, while NB grins happily.

JM tells Ángela that she should be with Gus; he’s a great guy.

Génesis is on Repto-Claus's knee and says that all she wants for Christmas is that her papí and Ángela get back together!
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