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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Fearless Heart Update on Thursday 3rd August 2017

EM tells Alma not to worry, he’ ll get her out of this place.

Propellerads Miggy tells FF that he loves hermore than ever and that his pretending to want NB is part of his plan to get the baby back. However, NB is recording their conversation. Oops. She did this before. Miggy should be more careful.

When Laura flatlines, there’s no doctors bursting in with a crash cart or anything. JM has to go find the doctor. Jéssica begs her mother not to die.

Sam threatens Lady with a gun and demands to know the truth. She accuses Lady of setting up the trap for her. Lady denies it and tells Sam to go ahead and kill her, all she did was tell Willy about it.

EM and Gigante take the baby out of the doctor’s apartment in a cardboard box. [Why didn’t they take the fancy stroller the kid was in?] A guy, who we later learn works for NB, is watching. He then goes into the apartment.

NB listens to the tape of Miggy professing his love for FF. She is disgusted.

JM tells Angie and the rest of the gang that Laura is “muy delicada” and they have to “esperar,” which handily means both “wait” and “hope.”

FF asks Miggy how long they are going to wait for NB to return the baby? Miggy asks her to trust him. They’ll wait until tomorrow and if there’s no news, he’ll go to Bogotá for help. NB comes in and everybody plays their parts – she pretends that there will be news of the baby the next day and Miggy pretends that once the baby is found FF will return to LA.

The Reptile dicatates to Ringo a list of stuff that she wants to buy for the village that freed her from jail. This list includes: computers, TV’s, free wifi for everybody, electronic games, etc. Ringo says that all that stuff will cost a lot. He will get quotes and wait for EM to approve. The Reptile does not believe that EM should be involved in the decision; he’s in LA and not involved with the village unlike her and Ringo. She gets in Ringo’s lap to reinforce her opinion.

JM tells Willy that he can’t believe that Duval was dirty. Then he feels a little faint but tells Willy that it’s no biggie. Sam arrives and is told about Duval’s dying words. She convinces Angie to go to Duval’s apartment and see if they can find information about FF’s baby.

Two guys and a baby. EM tells little Alma that her cuteness makes him not want to be what he was. In a cute scene, EM hands over the baby to a reluctant Gigante and says that he is going to Duval’s apartment to look for evidence of their relationship.

NB’s guy calls and tells her that the doctor is dead and the EM has the baby.

NB calls EM. He says that yes, he has Miguel’s baby that NB was ready to kill. She asks what he is going to do. He replies that he is going to return the baby to her parents and tell them the truth about NB. She says that if he does that, she will have Sam killed. EM tells her not to touch Sam and proposes a truce. They will need a scapegoat to blame the kidnapping of the baby on. EM looks at Gigante and says that he has a candidate. EM asks why he should enter into a truce with a baby killer? NB replies that if EM refuses the truth, she will tell Sam that he isn’t Dr. Montoya. EM agrees to the truce.

Miggy tells Camilo and Gus that he is putting on a good face for FF but he’s worried that the baby hasn’t turned up.

We get the usual sex scene plus music with Camilo and Clara.

D8D has gotten Lady to come to his place. He pumps her for information about EM and puts the moves on her as well. She tells him nothing and avoids his advances.

Nic tells Willy and JM that Sam and Angie are not in the hospital cafeteria.

EM is at D8D’s apartment. He finds some DVD’s marked Jesús Matamoros and Verdugo. He takes them and hides when Sam and Angie show up. We see NB trying to get someone to answer the phone. Two bad guys show up at the apartment. They make Sam and Angie kneel but EM manages to kill them without Sam and Angie seeing him.

NB confesses to Miggy and FF that she lied about taking the baby and she doesn’t have the baby. FF goes nuts.

EM comes to get Lady at D8D’s place. He tells D8D that he doesn’t like curious people.

Willy and JM are at Duval’s apartment and Sam and Angie are trying to justify going there. For Willy, this is another confirmation of her dedication to her job rather than her family. JM is more forgiving of Angie. [Hey prop people: blood turns brown when it dries.]

NB calls EM and says that she tried to stop her guys from killing Sam but she couldn’t reach them. Too bad, replies EM, the truce is over and now you will find out, “quien soy yo,” “who I am.”

Miggy tells NB that if she doesn’t have the baby, there’s no reason for him and his people to stick around. He wants to leave. NB asks him not to forget her. What she experienced with him only happened to her once before and that was with EM. “Get him back,” Miggy advises but NB has already burned her boats there.

Lady tells EM that she doesn’t like D8D.

EM tells Lady that he will never forgive NB for trying to harm Sam.

Sam tells Willy that she wants to go back to Duval’s apartment [it should be sealed off as a crime scene.] She suggests to Willy that D8D was involved in setting the trap for her. Willy immediately leaves and we can guess where he is going.

Sam gets a text from EM as her “salvador,” thus connecting the person who saved her life in LA with the one who saved her life in Colombia.

EM is going to take the baby to Colombia the next day on a private plane. Ringo tells the Reptile that EM is returning to Colombia.

Willy shows up at D8D’s place and accuses him of setting the trap with Sam and EM. D8D doesn’t know what he is talking about but he picks up the general idea quickly and uses it to his advantage. He tells Willy that all he knows is that EM and Sam are having affair.

EM tries to take care of the baby but needs Lady’s help.

Miggy, FF, Gus, Camilo and Clara say their goodbyes to NB. When they drive off, NB tells her guys to follow them.

Sam tells EM that because of family issues, she can’t be his bodyguard right now. She tells him about Duval and EM does a great job at appearing shocked. He tells Sam that he is going away for a few days. He wants to say goodbye to her in his way. He hugs her (no kisses). He says that he is enchanted to have met her, he likes her a lot, she saved his life in several ways and is his “salvadora.” Sam mentions that someone saved her life the day before but it’s a long story.

Laura is OK.

Angie tells Willy that he has to forgive Sam. Willy replies that he won’t forgive Sam because she has a lover. Angie is shocked.

Nora arrives at the hospital. For some reason, she had to go to Laura’s apartment and she found the test results that JM left there. She gives the envelope to Angie.

Ringo cuts off the car with Miggy et al in it. He says that he has message from EM: if Miggy and FF want to see their daughter, they should stay in the town.

EM and Sam are in a parking deck and D8D is watching.
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