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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Twist Of Fate Episode 534--536 Update on Thursday 3rd August 2017

Propellerads Pragya enters her room and Abhi listening to music. She is upset as Abhi is going away from her. She is thinking that tonight was the time when Abhi would meet old Pragya, tonight is the time where the distance between her and Abhi would have vanished and they would have been one. She is starts crying and feels afraid to lose Abhi as her endeavour to get close to Abhi has only been failing. Just then, Abhi feels as if Pragya is crying and removes his headphones while she goes and sleep on sofa wiping her tears. Abhi gets up from his bed and see Pragya sleeping on the sofa and finds her shivering in cold, he goes closer to her where he is not able to see Pragya in any trouble and at last covers her with a blanket and starts starring at her. He remembers old Pragya and finds her innocent but that one thing is missing. He makes Pragya wear her spectacles. Bheegi Bheegi Sadakon Pe Sanam song plays in the background, he keep starring at her and gives a kiss to her. He starts talking to Pragya when she was sleeping, he adds up saying that he used to thinks every about his fuggi and that he is happy today as he is able to see old Pragya and prays that for rest of all the nights he can be with her. He sleeps beside her while sitting. Pragya wakes up and covers him with blanket. She thinks she has lost hope, but he gave her a new hope. She thinks to cross the path as he will be waiting for her at the other end. Next morning, Aaliya is trying to prepare food but she is unsuccessful in preparing a simple omelette. Tanu comes up at Aaliya’s place where she wanted to talk with Aaliya. Aaliya informs Tanu to make omelette for her only then she will talk to her. Tanu says it is made of eggs and she don't know. Aaliya instructs Tanu how to make omelette while she applies ointment on her burnt finger. Tanu asks how to break egg and Aaliya asks her to break it anywhere. Tanu breaks the egg near the gas stove. Aaliya gets furious with Tanu that it's that her her brother haven't married her and she don't deserve to marry anyone. Tanu and Aaliya get into fight after Tanu fails to prepare a simple omelette for her and Aaliya informs Tanu to get out of her house. Daadi shares her views with Akash that yesterday she was feeling that Tanu’s secret will be disclosed but somehow she managed to get escape from that. Akash has sympathy towards Pragya as daily she makes some plans to disclose Tanu’s secret but somehow she escapes from that. Pragya comes at dining table with breakfast where Akash ask her whether she is okay or not after yesterday’s incident. Pragya informs that whatever happened yesterday she was sad but than Abhi did something that all her sadness vanished. Daadi asked what Abhi did that her sadness vanished away. Pragya explains what happened yesterday and how Abhi made her smile. Pragya feels that what way they are taking to disclose the secret of Tanu is wrong as she is well verse with Pragya’s truth. Pragya adds up saying they should take the other way to disclose Tanu in front of Abhi through someone else. Pragya has a plan where they want Nikhil to confess regarding the truth. In this conversation Purabh come and ask what they were talking about Nikhil. Pragya ask Purabh to get all the details about Nikhil. Still Tanu and Aaliya are fighting with each other where Tanu ask help from Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to tell her problem and leave. Tanu informs that secret of Pragya and her is in front of each other and she informs all the story which happened. So she ask help from Aaliya. She adds that she have never seen such cunning, sharp, intelligent and betrayal girl. Aaliya asks if she is giving compliment or badmouthing about her ( Aaliya ) and she agrees to help Tanu only on one condition that Tanu help her to come to Mehra’s house. Tanu gets furious with Aaliya by listening to her condition. Aaliya informs Tanu to do what exactly she says so that she can get entry in Mehera’s House. Now, Aaliya’s plan is to take Abhi out somewhere and separate from him and she will make accident of Tanu so that she can save her from being hit by car and with Tanu’s emotional drama she can convince Abhi to call Aaliya at Mehera’s house. Tanu agrees on that plan. Purabh and Pragya goes to Tanu’s room and start checking her room to find the phone of Pragya but they didn’t get Pragya’s phone. Tanu is moving towards her room and Pragya as well as Purabh are in her room. Pragya is talking to Purabh and ask him to get all the information of Nikhil till 1 and the more information they can get of Nikhil it will be easy for them to make him confess about the truth. Tanu came to know that Purabh is helping Pragya as he collides with her and finds Pragya in her room. Tanu says she have not hidden her phone in her room and asks her to accept defeat. She informs Pragya to move out of the house as she is not able to make her out of the house. Pragya accepts that she is one step ahead of her but gives her advice that being one step ahead don’t think that she have won and anyhow she will defeat Tanu. She ends up saying that her plan has failed she hasn’t fail. Pragya warns Tanu that she would not leave her at any cost. She informs Tanu that her plan has failed but she has not failed and asks her to be ready for the next war and moves out of her room. Then, Tanu thinks about Aaliya words and predicts that tonight surely Pragya would be doing something against her and thinks to get Aaliya back to the Mehera’s house as soon as possible in order to save herself from Pragya. Abhi talks to Purabh and is planning to go to club to play scotch game and want to vent all his frustration on scotch ball. Just as Abhi is about to leave for the club, Tanu goes to Abhi’s room and tries to take him out making up random complaints of feeling strange and want to eat spicy, sweet etc where Abhi plays a prank with her that he will ask Robin to cook for her. Tanu gets furious with him that she is going to marry him and not Robin where Abhi makes her sit and goes to meet Pragya for help. On the other hand, Pragya is calling Nikhil and wonders why is he not picking. Meanwhile, Nikhil is thinking to pick the call where he thinks not to break the relationship with her as Tanu is unpredictable and according to her convince she can ditch him and thinks Pragya can be his future being a big fish. At last Nikhil picks up Pragya’s call where she ask regarding his health. She adds up saying that she wants meet him at 1:00 PM on where the meeting is related to business. Nikhil agrees not knowing the meeting is on the pretext of discussing some business plans. Pragya asks him to come home. Abhi comes there and asks about the call in which she replied that it was a business call. Abhi asks Pragya to come as Tanu is feeling strange. Pragya refuses and asks him to tell other women of the house. Abhi insists Pragya to go in the room to talk with Tanu so that she can help her and that other women are busy and not at home. Pragya agrees as he argues. Pragya reaches the room where Tanu is waiting for Abhi. Pragya talks to Tanu and ask regarding her problem. She adds up saying that if she has some mental problem than she can’t help it as Tanu don’t have any patience left in her, if in case Tanu have some other problem then she can share with Pragya. Tanu looks furiously in front of Pragya and she gets angry with her. Abhi request both of them to discuss with each other and let him know what she wants. Pragya gives suggestions to Abhi to take Tanu outside to get some fresh air, so that she can meet with Nikhil in Tanu's absence not knowing that Tanu also have plan to executive by taking Abhi out. Tanu agrees to do so. Abhi asks if both have agreed. Pragya who is planning to call Nikhil in absence of Tanu thinks she concentrate on Nikhil now.

Abhi takes Tanu out where he ask how was she feeling. Tanu replied she is feeling strange and Abhi gets furious with Tanu on middle of the road that nothing is strange and asks what is odd about this place and the public is listening to his furiousness on Tanu. He says a guy's half life is finished in understanding a woman and he would controlled his fatherly feelings that day. Tanu is looking here and there so that she can execute the plan and tells Abhi that she wants to have kulfi icecream. Abhi think Pragya asks him to take her out. Abhi goes to icecream parlour where he purchases 2 ice cream. Abhi gives him card and the icecream vendor asks for cash. Abhi gives him 1000 rupees. He asks for change and asks him to get it from icecream parlor. Abhi also gives icecream to road side beggars. He recalls seeing Pragya for the first time with needy kids. He thinks Pragya might be torturing him this way.

Purabh has found all the information of Nikhil where he learns and informs Pragya that Nikhil is behind money as his company is facing many losses where Nikhil has promised many people that in upcoming months he will do partnership with Abhi and will get all his contracts. Pragya informs him that her prediction for Nikhil was correct. He is with Tanu just because of Abhi’s money as he think Tanu will marry him and his destiny will change. She makes a plan where she is willing to give a good post to Nikhil in the company where he might think to take over the company and can secure his future. After getting secured future he might stop getting emotional towards child and confesses the truth in front of Abhi and go against Tanu.

Tanu calls Aaliya and asks her to execute the plan where both the girls pretends an accident by signaling the driver. Just when the car is about to hit Tanu, Aaliya saves her as per the plan. Abhi rushes to Tanu and asks if she is fine? Tanu asks him to see the woman who have saved her. Abhi is shocked to finds out that Aaliya have saved life of Tanu where Tanu gets hyper and request Abhi to take Aaliya at home. Daadi is talking with Rachna regarding decision of Pragya of convincing Nikhil to speak the truth rather than Tanu and Daadi just wanted that everyone would have seen that video than the truth of Tanu would have disclosed at that point of time. Mitali overhears the talks between Daadi and Rachna where she plans to stand outside the room and hear their conversation. Mitali comes to know that they are planning to reveal the truth of Tanu. Rachna finds out that someone is overhearing the talks so she informs Daadi to speak up loudly so that she can open the door and find out who is overhearing their talks and finds out Mitali overhearing the talks. Daadi pretends to change the topic so that Mitali’s informs what she has overheard and says they would brought gold saree dupatta for her. Mitali gets happy. Rachna says they will give her but to tell them what she have heard. Mitali says she didn't hear anything. Daadi gets furious with Mitali that she will not get anything and warns her not to overhear the talks in this way. Mitali thinks there is some connection of Pragya, Tanu and Nikhil.

Abhi admits Aaliya in hospital where Tanu is worried about Aaliya. The doctor tells tanu that Aaliya will be fine even though she has fractured and internal injury in her feet. Abhi says he is going to pay the bills. Tanu stops Abhi and requests him to take Aaliya to the Mehra’s house where Tanu tries to convince Abhi through emotionally by saying that Aaliya has saved her life and her child. She asks if his ego is more than her. Aaliya is tensed. Tanu says it seems he is not happy seeing her and asks him to keep Aaliya in the house. Abhi says that house is not his but of Pragya. Tanu says she will take her home and asks him to decide on whose side is he? Tanu and Aaliya are happy as they got success in their plan and they are happy to defeat Pragya by taking Aaliya to Mehera’s house. Aaliya says Pragya will feel slap on her face and smile looking at her.

Nikhil comes to Mehera’s house. Mitali sees him and thinks regarding the conversation that she had overheard from Daadi and Rachna. She suspects his sudden visits to house and decides to find out the reason behind his visit. She starts talking with Nikhil so that she can come to know the reason behind him coming to Mehera’s house. Mitali start questioning Nikhil and confuses him with various questions where he gets irritated and request her to let him go as he is in hurry to meet Pragya. After managing to get away from Mitali's irritating question, he thinks Mitali have eaten his brain and thinks even Tanu is like that. He thinks everyone have gone mad except Pragya. Nikhil walks in the room where Pragya’s mother Sarla is there just to check her situation and decides to check her keeping some distance from her so that she don't get violent. Nikhil enters the room and wakes up Sarla and he ask about her health as well as to check her progress. He warns Sarla to keep her quite about the truth. Sarla give an anger look to Nikhil as he says he want to give a goodbye kiss to her leg. Just then, Sarla catches the finger of Nikhil and somehow he manages to remove his finger. He warns Sarla saying that if she speaks anything against him then he will kill her and gives the example of Gandhari in Mahabharat. Nikhil tries to give good bye kiss on her leg. Sarla kicks Nikhil and he falls down making a noise. Listening to the noise, Purabh and Pragya comes in Sarla’s room and are shocked to finds Nikhil there. Purabh ask Nikhil why he was here. He inforrms him that when he was passing by he heard some noise so he came in the room and gives information that Sarla’s aunty legs are working. Pragya is happy, she hugs her and encourages her mother. Nikhil informs Purabh to leave Pragya and her mother alone so that they can enjoy the moment. Nikhil is thinking that he is underestimating Sarla and he is taking risk to meet her. Purabh takes him out and ask question to Nikhil that whenever there is any improvement or movement in Sarla’s body then out of so many people why only Nikhil comes to know about it. Nikhil replies that may be god is willing to give this happy news through him and even he learns that Purabh is suspecting Nikhil as he is asking questions from him. Purabh asks him as to why is he dressed so formally. Nikhil informs Purabh that he came dressed in a formal manner because Pragya had called him for a business meeting. Pragya is thinking that whenever Nikhil is in front of her mother she reacts so she plans that she will bring Nikhil in front of her mother in her own way when she is nearby so that there is no danger on Sarla’s life.

Pragya starts meeting with Nikhil where she ask help from Nikhil where she wants to hire a CEO of the company who can manage everything but important is that person should be trust worthy. Nikhil thinks to convince Pragya so that he can be the CEO of the company. Nikhil ask question that Purabh is handling this position where Pragya replies that he is handling the position on temporary basis as he has his own business and he needs his own time so she don’t want to give much pressure on Purabh. She adds up saying that she is looking for a person who can take over the company. Nikhil is thinking that what Tanu has promised him to get the position of CEO in Abhi’s company that is offered by Pragya directly and decides to approach Pragya directly to get the position. Nikhil replies that he is the appropriate person for this post and much experience too. Pragya replies that she don’t have any doubts in Nikhil’s work but how he will be able to manage his own business as well as this new work. Nikhil replies that he will be able to learn many things from her as well as Abhi so he don’t want to miss this opportunity to work with them. Pragya replies that she needs time to think about it and starts thinking that it was easy for her to trap Nikhil and the best part is he was upfront to accept this position. Purabh is thinking about Pragya’s and Nikhil’s meeting. Just then, he finds Aaliya in the house on a wheel chair where Tanu is instructing Robin to make Aaliya’s room ready. Purabh goes in the meeting to inform Pragya to come with him in the living hall as something is happening there. Nikhil is thinking what Purabh is up to and that he is crossing his path as he believes Purabh don't want him to become CEO and moves behind them. Pragya finds Aaliya in the house along with Abhi and sees Tanu arranging things for her. Daadi ask Abhi why Aaliya is over here where Tanu replies that Aaliya has saved her life and she has saved her life and took permission from Abhi to bring her here. Tanu take side of Aaliya that she was kicked out of the house but she has no hard feelings for them and starts her melodrama to convince all to keep Aaliya in Mehera’s house. Pragya looks at Abhi’s face and understands that Tanu has forced him to bring Aaliya home. Still Tanu is continuing her melodrama and convinces all that Aaliya has done good for Mehra family and it is their duty now to behave good with her. Pammi support Tanu idea while Mitali goes to bring juice. Abhi looks at Tanu in anger and walks away. Tanu ask help from Robin to take her in room and she finds Nikhil in the house and wonders what is he doing here. Pragya understands that this was the plan of Aaliya and Tanu to bring Aaliya in the house but she has a plan where she will make someone stand in front of them which will make them in shock.

Aaliya gets up from the wheel chair and is happy to come back in her room. Tanu asks her to act in front of other and says nothing have happened to her. Pragya overhears their conversation where Aaliya say that she is feeling like a free bird. Tanu replies that she has told lie to all and she has brought her here in the house. She is worried that if Abhi comes to know the truth that he will not forgive her. She ends up requesting Aaliya to sit back on wheel chair. Pragya was aware that Tanu has planned something with Aaliya where they have lied about the accident in front of all family members but she can’t trick on her. Tanu ask regarding further plan to Aaliya where she replies that as of now she just want to celebrate as the face of Pragya was dull when she found her in the house. And earlier the way they have managed to take out Pragya out of the house in the same way they will do it now so that before Pragya makes them out she is out of the house. Pragya over hears all the conversation and then she walks from there. Tanu calls Pragya and says she know she came here to hear them and that she have failed twice. She have become more strong after Aaliya came here. Pragya tells her that she is getting strong and this people will leave her for their betterment. She have her family and asks her to be careful and that she will be two steps ahead of her, if she stopped for a second to take a breath and that she will win the race. Tanu gets the hint about Nikhil that he might be with Pragya where she calls up Nikhil to ask what is happening. Tanu gets furious with Nikhil and ask him to meet where Nikhil denies to meet her as he is going to Nasik for some meeting and that he will meet her tomorrow. Tanu agrees. Pragya sees Abhi upset and thinks he is having tears in his eyes because of Tanu and Aaliya. She thinks how to cheer him up.
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