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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Twist Of Fate Episode 537--539 Update on Friday 4th August 2017

Abhi is upset because of Tanu and Aaliya. Pragya enters the room and finds Abhi where she thinks that Tanu always ruins the mood of Abhi and now Aaliya will also do the same. She is worried watching him in this condition. She then decides to refresh Abhi's mood as he is upset with Tanu and Aaliya's return. Where she plans to play the music so that his mood becomes good. Pragya plays a song on the music system to lighten Abhi's mood and Abhi informs her to stop the music player. Pragya takes Abhi’s guitar and starts playing it where for a point of second she stops playing the guitar. Abhi reacts to it, asking her to continue playing and informs her to play this song music. Pragya then plays his guitar and sings Pal Bhar The her Jawo Agar Tum Saath Ho and looking at her Abhi’s mood is getting better within a seconds. Abhi also start singing song with Pragya where they share some good romantic moments with each other. Both of them goes in the flash back where they had spent the same good moments. Abhi thanks her as well as say sorry to Pragya where he adds up saying that he is well verse that Pragya is feeling bad as he has allowed Aaliya to stay in the house. Pragya, however is not upset with the same and replies that she don’t have any problem behind Aaliya leaving in this house but whatever Aaliya has done she has problem with it. Abhi says the situation was such that he have to bring her home. Pragya adds up saying that she understands the situation of Abhi but she cannot trust Aaliya where Abhi defends Aaliya and says that she has saved Tanu's life which cannot be ignored. Pragya replies that whatever she has done earlier that can also not be ignored. She adds up saying that she is well verse that Abhi will take the same decision and she knew that he would have done the same thing being the kind of person he is. Pragya also warns Abhi that Aaliya has change a bit and that he should still remain cautious of her. Abhi ask a question to Pragya that how she came to know that he would take that decision, it was only his fuggi who was knowing him so nicely. Pragya replies that just think that she came to know about it from his fuggi only where his fuggi informed to Pragya’s rock star and he informed Pragya. Abhi asks what else she told her. She just smiles and moves out of the room.

Next Morning, Tanu has gone to meet Nikhil and they sit in the car. She ask what is all this going on? Nikhil counter questions to Tanu why she is so desperate to know the things? Tanu replies that she was knowing that in her absence Nikhil has gone to meet Pragya. Nikhil replies that Pragya has given some business offer to him so he had gone to discuss it. Tanu gets furious and replies that is he forgotten that Pragya is their enemy. Nikhil replies with ease that Pragya is enemy of Tanu and not of him so she contacted for some business proposal. Nikhil adds up saying that he has given offer to Pragya and adds up saying that the work what Tanu was going to do the same thing Pragya is going to do that too without any risk. Tanu gets angry and orders him not to do any work for Pragya and even warns him not to come at home again. Nikhil replies back that he will not follow the orders of Tanu and adds up saying that she is just worried for her future and selfish too. He ends up saying that now he will also think about his future and he will be selfish too. Tanu screams and informs Nikhil to stop the car and they met with an accident where the car of Nikhil got hit to a lawry person and he fells down and starts bleeding. In the market Rachna and her mother-in-law have come up to do shopping of the grocery where they start talking about the prices of vegetable and fruits. They find some people gathering where Rachna finds the pool of people and goes to check what’s going on. Nikhil apologize that by mistake this happened. One women is creating a scene on the road where she is crying loudly. Rachna finds Tanu and Nikhil and listen to their conversation that Nikhil and Tanu are responsible for the accident. Nikhil requests that they don’t have time to go and visit the hospital whatever money they need to take from them. Policeman comes looking at the pool of people where he starts interrogating them and asks if she is her girlfriend. Nikhil calls Tanu his wife so to get sympathy of the people as well as to get rid of the policeman. Nikhil starts requesting policeman but he is stick on his words and take Tanu as well as Nikhil to police station. Rachna sees them and thinks Nikhil have told the inspector that Tanu is his wife and then calls up Pragya so that she can inform her about the things.

Aaliya is getting ready where somebody knocked her door so she quickly sleeps on the bed and pretends to be ill. Pragya comes up with turmeric milk and advices Aaliya that turmeric is the best medicines to heal the wounds and taunts her for hurting her loved ones. She adds up saying that she will make sure that Aaliya gets well soon and she leaves the home as soon as possible and asks her to rest till then. She thanks her for saving Tanu and her baby, and says that baby is Tanu's last support. She warns Aaliya to stay in outhouse and if she takes Tanu's side then she will also get the same punishment as Tanu will get. Aaliya replies that there is some misunderstanding, she has not planned anything to come in this house. She gives explanation that it was an accident which Tanu has met with and co-incidentally she was there to save her. Pragya informs her that she is not believing any co-incidence and she has keep an eye on Tanu and she will automatically come to know the person who are helping Tanu and she will treat that person in same way as she will treat Tanu. Mitali comes in Aaliya’s room with juice where Pragya informs Mitali not to give juice to Aaliya but to get her milk of almond so that she can remember whatever Pragya has informed Aaliya to sharpen Aaliya's memory. Mitali tells Aaliya that she will drink the juice and asks her to drink haldi milk.

Pragya and Purabh discuss regarding Nikhil’s decision where Pragya informs Purabh that Nikhil said yes from his side for this position while she informed him that she needs few days to think over it. Purabh and Pragya thinks that it becomes easy way to trap Nikhil if he agrees then he might go against Tanu. Rachna calls up Pragya to give urgent information about Nikhil and narrates whatever she has seen about the accident and advises Pragya to take Abhi to police station so that they can reveal the truth in front of Abhi. Pammi calls Rachna and she goes. Pragya plans something against Tanu and thinks their relation truth will be revealed in front of Abhi now.

Abhi is wearing the headphones and listening to music where Pragya comes up and informs Abhi they need to go to police station on urgent basis. She adds up saying that it is related to Tanu’s accident so he has to give statement for Aaliya accident. Abhi agrees to go to police station. Nikhil starts convincing the police man politely that his wife his unwell so that he can move out of that accident and that he is ready to give money to the victim and will get him treated. He tries to bribe the police man. The constable gets angry and locks him inside. Pragya and Abhi reaches police station where Abhi questions Pragya that he feels as if police man has not called him and it is she who is taking him to police station. Pragya says she is helping him and he is doubting her. Abhi calls up Tanu where Pragya denies to call Tanu and by mistake she informs him that Tanu might be inside. Pragya anyhow manages to change the topic and requests Abhi to go inside the police station. Abhi says she is hiding something from him. Pragya says there is wrong happening with him and she won't let this happen. Abhi looks on.

Purabh informs everything to Daadi where Rachana comes up to Daadi’s room and informs all the incident to Daadi which happened in the market that Nikhil and Tanu were arrested. Purabh informs that Pragya has taken Abhi to police station on that point of time. Rachna prays that hope Abhi hears the truth revealed by Nikhil and Tanu. Daadi prays to god so that Pragya gets success in revealing the truth about Tanu to Abhi and Daadi gets emotional.

Abhi and Pragya have reached police station. She looks for Tanu and Nikhil. The inspector asks Nikhil why did he hit a man and tried to escape. Abhi asks Pragya where to give the statement. Pragya happens to see Nikhil. Just the inspector and constable identify Abhi as Rock star and asks for autograph. Pragya asks him to come. Nikhil requests the police to let his wife and at the same time, Abhi and Pragya comes there. Abhi is surprised to hears Nikhil requesting inspector to leave his wife and asks what happened. Nikhil is flabbergasted finding Abhi and gets speechless. The inspector asks Abhi if he know him in which he says yes and again asks what happen. Inspector informs him about the incident which has happened and informs that Nikhil hit a man and tried to bribe constable. He adds that Nikhil was with his wife in the care and that his wife is pregnant. Abhi and Pragya are shocked listening that Nikhil is married and her wife is pregnant. Abhi asks when did he marry? Pragya says he used to come to their house but didn't tell them that he is married and that his wife is expecting. Abhi asks the inspector to let Nikhil and his wife go as he know them. Pragya plans to go to Nikhil’s wife as she is pregnant where Abhi informs her to take his wife in car and start going. Nikhil is worried as he is trapped badly in his words and wonders what to do. Pragya consoles Nikhil that Abhi will sort out the matter. Senior Inspector informs constable to bring Nikhil's wife and that they will end the matter here. Abhi tells the inspector that he wants to talk to him and takes him to a side. Pragya start asking questions regarding his wife and child. Nikhil looks on angrily and thinks about Pragya’s offer where he comes to know that Pragya is well verse with the truth between him and Tanu, and thinks how to stop her from coming here. Pragya says he is trapped now. Nikhil says ifhe come out from here, then he will not spared this Pragya. Pragya thinks Abhi is hers and will be hers. She holds Abhi's hand. Abhi finds something is going on in her head as she behave caring towards him and thinks he is feeling as if old days are returning back. where she holding hand of Abhi. Daadi is upset so she request Purabh to take her to Gurudwara where she can find some peace as she is not feeling good.

Purabh goes to get the medicine for Daadi where Aaliya tries to talk to Daadi but she didn’t reply her back and ignores her. Aaliya thinks Daadi is ignoring her and feels bad. Meanwhile, Purabh comes there, Purabh and Aaliya confront each other and in the process, Purabh drops a glass which shatters into pieces. Purabh tells Aaliya that this is not a good sign and something bad is about to happen. Aaliya informs Purabh that there was a time when they both were very close but now he is staying so far away from her. Purabh replies that he cannot believe that she has changed and her nature cannot be changed because they are like two different ends of the river who can never meet. Purabh hopes that today itself Pragya can bring the truth in front of Abhi. They call Robin and goes in different direction. On the other hand, Abhi tells Nikhil that he talked to commissioner and asks him to pay the compensation. Nikhil agrees and thanks him. Nikhil is worried as Tanu is going to come. He thinks what to do if Abhi comes to know about the truth, he thinks Abhi will beat him mercilessly and he gets upsets. Pragya finds Nikhil worried where she consoles Nikhil that if their is anything else he has done then he can inform Abhi. Tanu didn’t come but some other girl came out as Nikhil's wife where Nikhil feel relaxed as Tanu is not there, he hugs her and starts his drama in front of Abhi and the woman turns out to be the same woman whom he brought to Pragya's house. He introduces her as his wife Shanaya and thanks Abhi. Abhi congratulates them for their marriage and pregnancy. Shanaya says she is in 3 months of pregnancy. Abhi then invites them home. Pragya is confused regarding things whatever happened and Pragya gets furious with Nikhil. Abhi gets a call and leaves. Pragya asks who is she and he replied that she is his Shonali. Pragya then ask about Tanu. Nikhil came to know regarding Pragya’s plan and asks why is she acting mad and asks from where did Tanu come. He thinks Tanu was right and that Pragya is trapping him by giving him a big post. He thinks she has eaten the dust. Abhi asks the inspector about the statement for Aaliya's case. The inspector says they haven't filed any case. Pragya thinks why the constable and police inspector kept quite seeing the other woman. She thinks her hope was broken but the truth will come out eventually.

Aaliya and Tanu are making a party as Aaliya came to know that Pragya is taking Abhi to police station and somehow saved Tanu. Aaliya gave a call to Tanu and informed her everything whatever happened. Aaliya came to know as she was in guest washroom and over hears the talks of Pragya, Purabh and Rachana. So she informed Tanu so that she can save herself. Tanu thanks Aaliya for informing her about Pragya's plan.

Aaliya and Tanu are discussing about how she helped Tanu to come out from her problems. Aaliya is impressed the way Tanu handled the situation. Tanu recollects the way she escaped from police station. She starts crying in front of the lady constable where she ask the reason why she is crying. Tanu informs the lady constable that he is not her husband but he is her friend and starts her melodrama by saying lie to that lady constable that he was taking her to hospital as she was having pain. She says just then, the accident happened and her friend lied to the inspector that she is his wife. She don't know what her husband would do, knowing she is in the hospital with a stranger man and that her husband is in army and she don't know what he will do. She cries and asks the lady constable to do something and understand her pain being a woman and a mother and manages to escape from there as the lady constable asks her not to cry and says she will do something. Tanu explain to Aaliya that her emotional drama helps her to escape and called up Nikhil’s fake girlfriend in order to cheat Pragya and replace herself with her. Aaliya appreciates Tanu for cleverly deceiving the police and making them believe that Nikhil is not actually her husband. She then tells Tanu that she is a good actor and also a good script writer. She says good joband that she is multi talented. Tanu smiles. Aaliya says she is taking advantage of her baby and laughs. Later, Nikhil joins them and is happy with Tanu for using her presence of mind and says Tanu have become intelligent and cunning like her friend. He says he was shocked when Shonali made an entry there and shares the way Pragya was shocked. He adds that Pragya have offered him a job but have done a disgusting thing with him and thinks of idea to send Pragya out of the house. Tanu says something which is mute and says she was sure that Pragya is upto something and her doubt was confirmed when she got Aaliya's call. She says Pragya knew about Nikhil but pretend that she doesn't know. Aaliya says they can take advantage of this thing. She asks Nikhil to go from there. Tanu tells him that Abhi went to office but Pragya might be sitting near Tsunami. She laughs and says today is the memorable day and all of them start celebrating their victory as they once again managed to escape from Pragya's ploy.

Abhi is driving car and is thinking about Pragya like why she was continuously saying Tanu’s name and recollects the things that happened in police station and decides to talk to her.

Nikhil is leaving. Later, Pragya reaches home and Nikhil stares her angrily and leaves. While Pragya is going towards her room she finds Tanu. Tanu come face to face with Pragya. Tanu greets her and calls her to be Ms. nautanki and ask her how she liked her surprise and openly taunts Pragya for her failure. She adds up saying that her surprise is blasted as bomb on her and Pragya smile vanished. Tanu is too happy looking at her defeat and at the same time expresses her anger since Pragya had lied to her and starts taunting her that she is seeing Pragya bad day and can figure out about her future. She says her Suhaag is with her, the more she try but she can't do anything. She shows that doll to Pragya and informs that she is still that old Pragya, weak with eyes and stupid from mind. She adds that she have snatched everything from Abhi and she is unsuccessful to take Abhi away from her. Pragya gets furious with Tanu and ask her to keep that fuggi doll from where she has taken that doll. Tanu says she will hide it, and put the blame on her. Pragya takes fuggi doll from her hand. Tanu replies that she is well aware with truth about Nikhil but she pretends as if she is unaware of her and also made her believe that she was unaware of Nikhil's reality. Tanu informs her the way she came to know about the plan and challenges Pragya along with Aaliya will attack her and informs her that tomorrow’s night will be last night of her in this house and in Abhi's life. Pragya informs Tanu that when Abhi will come to know the truth about her secret what will happen to her baby. Pragya asks her to think and says where Tanu thinking ends, her thinking starts. Tanu finds Abhi and she starts her melodrama cry and Abhi overhears their conversation. Abhi thinks what happened to Pragya.

Pragya is in her room and she is crying. Daadi, Purabh and Rachana comes to the room. Daadi hugs and consoles Pragya and ask the reason of her crying. Where she replies that today again she feels defeated the way Tanu came out from that situation as she thought Tanu's truth will be out and she explains whatever happened at the police station. Daadi consoles Pragya and gives her hope that everything will be fine. Purabh informs her that now she will not hide and will face her by attacking her from the front so that she can’t go away.

Aaliya is thinking how to take Pragya out of the house and how to get Purabh and decides to take Abhi to her side to achieve her goals. Tanu comes to Aaliya's room and informs Aaliya the conversation and argument which she had with Pragya. She also informs that Abhi has overheard the conversation of what Pragya has informed to her. Aaliya says this is a great news and thinks that Abhi will be angry as Pragya have insulted Tanu in front of him and makes plan to take Pragya out of the house and that they have to hit stammer on it to give it a shape. She then shares her plan with Tanu. Tanu praises Aaliya for her bullet thinking that she is good, she thank and hugs her. She adds that Aaliya is simply superb and that she will start this plan today.

Pragya is sleeping and starts speaking something. She was about to fall where Abhi catches her and not allow her to fall and she wakes up in his arms. They have an eye lock. Allah Wariyan song plays in the background. Pragya asks what is he doing here. Abhi says he have catches her and ask her what she was speaking when she was sleeping. Where Abhi starts asking why she is after Tanu and ask her the reason why she has taken him to police station when there was no case filed. Pragya gets tensed. Abhi came to know that Pragya is trying to trap Tanu and he tells her that she is trying to trap Tanu.

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