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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Twist Of Fate Episode 549--551 Update on Thursday 10th August 2017

Nikhil tells that he wants to be CEO of Abhi’s company and Tanu will do this work. He threatens Tanu that he will expose her truth if she will not accompany her to takeover Abhi's business and that he wants to see Abhi’s international contract, and he will have knowledge of his every work. He asks Tanu to enjoy personal life with him, but he will handle his professional life. Aaliya asks Tanu to help Nikhil and says he deserves this. Nikhil thanks Aaliya and asks Tanu to think till he finishes the paper work. He leaves. Tanu asks Aaliya why did she stop her. Aaliya calms her down and asks her to focus on her marriage only. She reminds her that Pragya and Abhi divorce papers are with Nikhil’s lawyer and he might stop the divorce. Purabh hears that Nikhil has those divorce papers. Mitali tells Raj that she has a news for him. Raj says he don’t want to listen. Mitali says he will not believe on the news. Raj says he don’t have anything to do with her. Mitali informs him that Abhi have divorced Pragya and will be marrying Tanu soon but she don’t know what will happen after that. Raj is shocked and asks when did this happen.

Abhi comes to his room and finds Pragya decorating and lighting candles in the room. He closes the door and asks why did she decorate the room. Pragya says she is very happy today. Abhi gives her candle and Pragya lights it. She looks at him and burns her finger. A song Bolna plays in the background. She shouts and says her hand is burnt because of him. Abhi says he was looking as she was looking at him. Abhi says he will apply saliva. Pragya says no, and asks him to apply ointment. Abhi gets some ointment and applies it on her finger. Bolna song plays again. Abhi blows on her hand. He asks how is she feeling now? Pragya says good. Abhi asks Pragya if she will leave or stay here after divorce or will go to her mother’s house. Pragya strengthen herself with this and asks what did he want? She asks if he marry someone else, then will she sleep in between them both. Abhi says yes she can. She says she was joking. Pragya looks at the ointment and says it is Krack cream. Pragya throws pillow at him. Abhi says she have beaten him with pillow. They have a cute pillow fight as they throw pillow at each other.

Daadi prays to God to show some miracle to make everything fine. Akash asks her not to worry. Rachna comes there and tells Daadi and Akash that Abhi apologize to Pragya, and Pragya have become positive and determines to fight for her rights. Purabh comes there and says he has an idea. He tells Mr. Jhunjhunwala will be handling the case. Daadi asks them to ask Pragya first. Purabh says he know that office. He says Tanu is flying high because of those divorce papers and they have to steal those papers from the lawyer’s office. Purabh and Akash come to Abhi and Pragya’s room and see them fighting with pillows. They ask if they are fighting. Pragya and Abhi says no. Purabh says there is nothing urgent. Pragya says okay. Akash says they are looking cute having pillow fight. Abhi asks Pragya if he can come to her house to fight with him, as he will miss her. Pragya says how can he come and their neighbors might think they are having an affair. Abhi says he didn’t think about it, and he will call her thrice in a day. Pragya says his calls are long and they will end up talking the whole day. Abhi insists to talk to her. He sleeps and wish good night. Pragya thinks she will not separate with him. Purabh and Akash come to Jhunjhunwala's office with the intention to steal Abhi and Pragya's divorce papers and says he is Mr. Desai partner. The guard asks them to keep the papers in the draft box.

While Pragya is sitting on the bench, Tanu comes to her and says Abhi has selected a good card. Pragya smiles. Tanu says he is looking sad, but is very happy and celebrating. Pragya says she can’t tell her why he is happy and if she tell her what happened between them, then she will feel bad. Tanu says he just sympathizes with her ( Pragya ). Pragya says he lied to her ( Tanu ). Tanu says her doli will come here. Pragya says her divorce is not processed, nor Tanu marriage will happened and that she will make her lose with her way. Overconfident Tanu reveals her happiness to Pragya and that Pragya can just dream to win, but can’t win. She adds that she is near her destination. Pragya who in return says that the bet is not over yet and she will fight back. She further tells Tanu that she can’t touch it when she is infront of her. Tanu smiles and says she have snatched her husband from her. Pragya make her feel jealous by telling her that she is still close to Abhi and she will be two steps aheadof her, and will never let her marry Abhi. Tanu gets insecured. Purabh and Akash search for the divorce papers in the office. The guard gets suspicious of them and gets inside. Purabh asks him to search the file with Nikhil’s name. The guard locks the door and thinks to catch them red handed. He brings the gun and threatens to shoot him. He calls Jhunjhunwala and informs him that Purabh enters his office to get some papers. Mr. Jhunjhunwala recognizes him, he immediately calls Tanu and informs her. Tanu who is still tensed about Pragya's bounce back tells Aaliya that is why Pragya was so confident.

Akash calls Pragya at night. Pragya picks the call and asks what happened? Akash tells her that they went to lawyer office and got locked by the guard. Pragya asks why did he go there. He asks her to do something. Pragya says okay. She sees Abhi sleeping and goes to Daadi’s room. She wake Daadi up and tells her everything. Daadi worries thinking about Police. Pragya asks Daadi to tell her if she knows anything. Rachna tells her that it was Purabh’s idea to steal the divorce papers. Pragya asks why did they take step without asking her. Rachna says they went to talk to her, but she was busy with Abhi. Rachna and Daadi asks her to get them out. Daadi says she will also come with her. Pragya refuses, that she can’t put her life in danger and that if they go there Tanu will get to know that even they are in support of her with Purabh and Akash. Tanu and Nikhil arrives there and goes to the lawyer's office. Aaliya also follow them from the backsideto hear everything from the same place. Tanu slaps Purabh hard angrily, who repents for trusting Nikhil. Purabh raise his voice against Tanu and asks how dare she? Tanu asks how dare he to enter her lawyer office and insults him. She says he is exposed and will be punished. Nikhil asks what did he want to steal? Pragya and Abhi’s divorce papers. He knew he is at Pragya’s side, but today it is confirmed.

Purabh slaps Nikhil and says he did a mistake by bringing him home and accused him of back stabbing him and that he will not speared him. Akash intervenes. Tanu says Purabh had back stabbed Abhi by helping and supporting his enemy then asks what Nikhil did wrong. She says now she know and his face should be blacken.  Aaliya thinks what to do as she will fall down in Purabh eyes. She wonders what to do. Purabh asks Tanu to stop it.

Abhi is with teary eyes and imagines Pragya is leaving the Mehra house with her suitcase forever. Pragya also cries. A song plays in the background. She waves him bye and leaves. Abhi falls down from stairs in order to catch her and falls down from the bed shouting Pragya’s name. He starts searching for Pragya and sees her missing. He thinks Pragya might have left from here. Meanwhile, Pragya is in the car and thinks why did Purabh take a big risk for her. Purabh tells Tanu that her face is already blacken, and once Abhi comes to know about the truth then he will punish her. Tanu asks Nikhil to call the Police and get them arrested. Nikhil taunts Purabh and says he don’t want them to get arrested as he was his friend at one point of time, and he is giving them concession but Purabh again insults Nikhil. Tanu asks the lawyer to call the Police and tell them that there are two thieves caught here. Jhunjhunwala calls the Police and asks him to come there. Pragya comes to the lawyer’s office. She looks at Aaliya and goes inside.

Rachna asks Daadi, why did she let Pragya go. Daadi asks her not to worry and says she has become stronger now. Abhi comes there and asks Rachna if she saw Pragya. Rachna says Pragya came here sometime back, and try to pull Abhi's leg by criticising Pragya that she will not leave her property being greedy. Abhi scolds Rachna when she was busy doing the same and says he didn’t ask her that, and asks Rachna what is she doing here? Rachna says they were just talking. Abhi thinks there is something wrong.

Tanu says come Pragya Arora. She humiliate Pragya as the thieves leader and also says that she is the theft’s mastermind and they all need to be in the jail. She says Pragya will not let her marry and will stop her marriage. She asks her to accept defeat and that Pragya can just see a dream. She says Police will come and arrest the thieves. She tells Nikhil that when she went to talk to Abhi, he was feeling guilty as he took Pragya’s signatures by cheat. He says if he would have been here, then he would be relieved of his guilt seeing his betrayal wife and fake friend, and confused brother. She says marriage, friendship and relation, three of them will be exposed and calls Abhi, but Nikhil asks her to come. Tanu asks why did he cut the call and took her to side. Nikhil says if Abhi comes here, then they will be exposed too.

He says Abhi will understand everything and Pragya will tell Abhi about them, and asks what will she get trapping Purabh and Akash in jail. They will trap her too. Aaliya says Nikhil said right and that if she expose herself while trying to expose them. Nikhil says Abhi might ask what they are doing here and can get angry, and can also get stay order on the divorce proceedings. Abhi sees Tanu’s missed call and asks where she is? He asks what is going on? Pragya and Aaliya are also not at home. Tanu says she came out to have black current icecream at a five star hotel. Abhi says he will also come there. Abhi tells her that Daadi and Rachna are hiding things from him. Tanu says she is coming home, and disconnects the call. Abhi thinks something is wrong and thinks how to find out.

Purabh apologizes to Pragya for increasing her problems. Akash also apologizes. Pragya asks them not to make her feel guilty and that if Bulbul would had been here then she would have done the same thing. She says she will not let them both go in jail, and asks them to have trust on her. Tanu comes back and taunts them by saying that these unity of Purabh, Akash and Pragya will be going to jail to enjoy the same in the jail. She asks Pragya to go to jail with them, and that she will get more time to plan against her in jail. Sadly Pragya won’t get time as she will be punished, and she will be marrying Abhi here. She will make her eat her marriage sweets in jail. Pragya is shocked and anxious to hear this.

Pragya asks Tanu not to send Purabh and Akash to jail. Tanu asks Pragya to bend in front of her and apologize to her, if she wants to save Purabh and Akash. Purabh and Akash ask her not to apologize to Tanu. Pragya folds her hands and request her not to send them to jail. Tanu says her plead haven’t melted her, and says she have a condition. Pragya says she accept. Tanu tries to blackmail Pragya to let her marry Abhi and not to create any trouble and asks her not to reveal anything about Nikhil to Abhi that she is carrying Nikhil’s child, and Aaliya and Nikhil are with her. Aaliya smirks. Nikhil thinks Tanu is smarter. Aaliya thinks Tanu has become smart because of her. Abhi worries for Tanu and thinks if they are at same place. He gets a call and leaves. Meanwhile, Daadi and Rachna worry. While, Pragya is in a fix, Purabh asks Pragya not to bend down infront of Tanu and plead with her to not comply to such blackmails and never to accept her conditions. He says if Bulbul would had been alive, then she would never let her accept her conditions. Just then Pragya gets Daadi’s call, and she disconnects the call. Daadi and Rachna realize that Pragya is in trouble and the duo decides to reach where Pragya is. Tanu gives 5 minutes time to Pragya and asks her to think about her life or their life. Purabh asks Nikhil to stop Tanu.

Nikhil says he want to help him, but he said that he is not his friend. Just when Pragya is about to accept Tanu's condition, the Police reach there. Purab and Akash requests Pragya not to agree to Tanu. Tanu smirks and says her time is up. Inspector comes inside and they both are arrested for trying to steal the papers. Pragya says no, and is on the verge of giving into Tanu's demand that she will let her marry, just then Abhi reach the place and asks what happened? Seeing Abhi there, Tanu and Nikhil stand horrified. Tanu thinks Pragya must have informed him. Abhi tells Inspector that he want to talk to Purabh and Akash for 2 minutes. The lawyer asks them to let him talk to them. Abhi asks what they want to steal?Pragya gets worried. Abhi asks Nikhil what is he doing here? Nikhil makes excuses. Abhi asks Pragya. Pragya says she got a call and came here. Abhi says she would have woken him up and asks what is she hiding? He asks Tanu, what is she doing here with Pragya when she told him that she was going out to have icecream. Tanu says Aaliya icecream. Abhi says someone say that something was going on here. He tells Purabh and Akash, that they both can’t steal anything. Purabh and Akash ask each other to say it. Abhi asks Nikhil to say it. Nikhil says he got a call and was shocked seeing them here. Abhi asks him to stop the crap.

The inspector says 5 minutes is over. He is about to arrest Purabh and Akash. Abhi is surprised when the police accuse Akash and Purabh of making attempts to steal certain documents and demand that he want to see those papers which they want to steal. He reads the papers that Purabh and Akash were about to steal. The papers state that - Abhi's 30 percent shares will be transferred to Nikhil. Abhi is shocked and asks who gave the right to give 30 percent of his shares to Nikhil. He asks the inspector to arrest Nikhil and the lawyer, and says Purabh and Akash have indeed tried to save him. The lawyer argues. Abhi says there was a conspiracy against him in this office, and Purabh and Akash have saved him. He calls the commissioner and talks to him about it. The Commissioner talks to the inspector. The inspector says he will sort it out in 2 minutes. He frees Purabh and Akash and asks Jhunjhunwala to come to Police station and gives his statement. Abhi tells Nikhil that he will talk to him later. Abhi tells Tanu and Pragya that they both have hidden the truth from him and he will talk to them at home. He asks the lawyer, who give him authority to represent him, and says someone is involved with him. Abhi asks Purabh why he didn’t tell him. Purabh says he tried informing him, but pillow….Abhi recalls his pillow fight with Pragya and says okay. Daadi reaches there and says she got a call. Abhi says it is sure that they all have hiding something from him and he will find out for sure.
While Abhi, Pragya and Daadi are in the car, Daadi asks Abhi to drive carefully. Abhi and Pragya argue. Abhi says he know that lawyer is a big divorce lawyer. Nikhil threatens Aaliya that if he don’t get anything then he will inform everything to Abhi. Aaliya asks him to keep his tone low, and if she tell her brother about his ( Nikhil ) dreams then he couldn’t be on any post. Nikhil thinks time will tell this.
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