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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Veera Episode 587--588 Update on Thursday 10th August 2017

The Episode starts with Billa and Jaggi asking Veera to meet Simran’s BF Raj. She asks how did they get him. They say he is related to their friends. Raj asks why did they get him, he doesnot have money. Veera says they did not kidnap him, and asks about Simran. She asks him to help them as Simran is ruining Baldev’s life. Raj says he knows Simran since five years. Veera says she loves Baldev. Raj says Simran told me about you, you are beautiful, she said you are ugly. She asks what did Simran say about Baldev. Raj says he does not care even if Simran marries Baldev. Billa and Jaggi scold him and asks them to tell everyone the truth. Raj says he won’t say. Veera requests him and says we have to stop Simran. Raj says I don’t feel she is doing wrong, why should I stop her. Veera says we can’t force them, I will go and see if I can do anything in mehdi ritual.

Gunjan taunts Amrit and Simran. Bansuri talks in their favor and says she is lucky to get a bahu like Simran. The function starts. Veera asks Billa what is he doing here. Billa says Jaggi is with Raj and he came to spoil the function, he has a good idea. Baldev comes there and sees Veera and Billa talking. Billa asks Veera to see now as he has added jamaalgota in Simran’s juice glass. Baldev takes the glass and Veera stops him from drinking it. He asks her what did she add in this. She tells him everything that Billa has mixed it.

Baldev shuts the door and asks what is she doing, and why. She says Simran is not a good girl for him, she wanted to tell him but…. He keeps his hand on her mouth and stops her. Mahiya………………..plays…………..He asks does she not want him to marry Simran, fine, he won’t marry Simran, but he has a condition. He says you will go out and tell Ranvi and family that you want to marry me. He says he will tell them that he has to marry her tomorrow in the mandap, can she do this for him, can she go against Ranvi, does she have courage. Veera cries. He asks what happened, all courage gone. She asks if she does not do this, will he marry Simran.

He says why did she love him if she did not have courage to marry him. She says love doesnot mean she can annoy her family. He says fine, just care for Ranvi’s happiness, marry the man whom he gets for you, and you held Rajveer’s hand. She says she did not hold his hand, and how does he know this. He says you feel only you know about others. She says she did not say yes. He says you did not say no. She says she can’t go against Ranvi, as he has done her upbringing, even when she is his step sister, he should hate me, but he has only loved me, going against Biji. She says she loves Baldev and wants to see him happy. She says she did a mistake as she did not trust him, but she can’t see his life ruin, Simran is not good for him.

Baldev says would you let me marry her if she was a good girl. He says this is your punishment, I want you to go against Ranvi and tell everyone that you want to marry me, this is the only way to stop my marriage with Simran, I will give you 30mins to do this, else be ready to dance in my baraat.

Jaggi talks to Raj and asks him to have wine. Billa joins them. Raj starts drinking. Billa says we are mad to kidnap him. Jaggi says yes and asks Raj to casually talk. They ask how did he get Simran. Raj says he is not her first BF and tells everything. Baldev sees Veera and they have an eyelock. Mahiya………………….plays……………Bansuri sees them and praises Simran. She asks Veera to join them. Simran taunts Veera saying she will not get Baldev. Veera says there is no need to find who is infront of her. She thinks she can’t do what Baldev is saying, it does not mean she will let Baldev marry Simran. She stops the mehndi designers and tells something.

Simran is shocked seeing R written and asks the lady. She says I came to know you call Baldev as Raj. Veera taunts Simran and says about her BF Raj. Simran gets worried. Raj tells about him and Simran. Jaggi and Billa smile as they fool Raj. They fill his ears to get Simran, as she has fooled him and taken advantage of him. Raj says he will see Simran now. Jaggi calls Veera and says they will make Raj say everything. Veera says hurry up, we have less time. She thinks she can’t agree to Baldev and can talk to him again, maybe he will understand this time. Baldev sees her and turns. She walks to him. Rajveer comes in between.

Raj creates a big scene being fully drunk, and tells everyone that Simran is his GF. Everyone is shocked and Simran gets tensed.

The Episode starts with Rajveer coming in between Veera and Baldev, He stops her from meeting Baldev and makes her busy in his talk. He says Balwant invited him, and he came to meet her. He says he should have told her about the marriage proposal as marriage binds two families. Baldev gets angry and leaves. Veera says she loves Baldev. Rajveer says I felt everything is over as you are attending his marriage, he is obeying his family and I felt you will obey Ranvi. She says she needs time for thinking. He says sure, when Baldev gets on the horse tomorrow and goes to marry, then it will be easy for you to take the decision. Gunjan shows her mhendi to Ranvi. Ranvi talks to Ratan and Gunjan and they are happy.

Baldev asks Veera did she decide. She says no, come with me to polyhouse once. He asks why, whats there. She says he does not trust her. He says you don’t trust me so this all started. He says he will not go anywhere. They are shocked to see a drunk man making an issue in the function. Simran is shocked seeing Raj. Raj says Simran can’t marry as she is my GF. Everyone is shocked. Raj sits in Simran’s feet and asks why is she going far from him. Amrit gets angry on Simran. Raj says if she loves him, why is she afraid. He says he is Simran’s BF since years. Simran says he is lying, the truth is he was after me for 5 years and when I did not accept him, he is doing this nonsense.

Raj says your lie is caught, as you said you don’t know me and saying this now. Raj asks her to say who is a liar. Bansuri asks Simran what nonsense is he saying. Raj says you are her to be inlaws and greets her. He says he saw her when she came to find her phone at night. Bansuri recalls. Raj says he is not lying, he came to talk to Baldev and asks where is the groom. Baldev says I m here, talk to me. Raj says we are not enemies, so I will tell you one thing. Veera smiles with Billa and Jaggi. Raj says Simran will be your wife and she will still love me, you will take care of her expenses and she will give money to me, and one day she will take everything from here and run.

Simran cries and says Raj is saying nonsense and asks Bansuri to kick him out. Bansuri signs Balwant. Raj says his name is Rajkumar, and Simran made it Raj, saying Raj and Simran look good together. Balwant asks for the proof. Raj shows his phone, and it has Simran and Raj’s together. Everyone is shocked seeing the pics. Raj asks Baldev to say is he lying now. Bansuri is shocked seeing the pics. Amrit signs Simran. Simran says all the pics are fake. Raj says he made her computer classes fees also, and says he can tell everything about her. He says she does not like Chole Bhature. Baldev recalls Simran told this to him before.

Raj says she has a mole on her neck. Baldev asks him to stop it. Gunjan thinks its good Raj came on time and stopped this marriage. Billa and Jaggi sign thumbs up to Veera. Simran says he might have seen the mole as I used to roam with him, and the pics are fake. Bansuri asks why is the dress which you wore yesterday. She scolds her and calls her shameless. Amrit stops Bansuri. Bansuri shouts enough Amrit, don’t fool me now. Veera goes to Billa and Jaggi.

Bansuri thanks the guests for coming, and says the marriage is cancelled now, and asks them to go home. The guests leave. Baldev sees Veera’s thumbs up to his friends and leaves. Ranvi asks Gunjan to stay here as her parents need her. Ranvi leaves. Raj claps and says now Simran has to marry me. Billa and Jaggi stop him and asks him to talk to Simran outside the house. Bansuri does not listen to Amrit and goes. Gunjan taunts Simran and asks what will your mum do now. She says the people who dig hole for others, themselves fall in it.

Amrit tells Bansuri that she did not cheat her, and it’s a small thing. Bansuri says small thing, Simran had an affair since 5 years and she was continuing it even after marriage, she has ruined my respect. She asks Amrit to leave. Balwant looks on. Amrit cries and leaves. Balwant tells Bansuri that its her mistake, and there is no use to get angry on Amrit, she wanted Baldev to marry Simran and did not care about his happiness, she had to show Veera by making Baldev marry anyone. She says yes, I felt Simran is good for Baldev, I did not know this. They argue. He says its about Baldev’s real happiness, if he is acting to be happy, will you think he is happy. She asks is he talking about Veera. He says no, you will do what you thought, and leaves.

Gunjan comes to Bansuri and asks what did she think now, will she tell Amrit and Simran to leave or not. Bansuri says she did not open Dharamshala and will send them, as the pind is laughing on her. She says she will give jewelry back to Amrit. Gunjan thinks should she tell about fake jewelry, no, Amrit can still tell my truth, if she leaves, then no need to tell the truth.

Rajveer asks Ranvi about Baldev’s marriage called off. Ranvi says sorry, I can’t force Veera to marry you if she says no..
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