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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Veera Episode 589--590 Update on Friday 11th August 2017

The Episode starts with Ranvi scolding Veera for bringing drunk Raj there and creating a scene. Veera says she loves Baldev a lot, she did all this to save Baldev from Simran, she could not see him jumping in fire. Ranvi asks what now, you can move ahead in your life now. Veera thinks about Baldev’s words. Simran scolds Raj and asks him to leave. Raj says they will love and marry, Baldev does not do any work and is living on his dad’s money. Simran says she will find someone else and scolds him. Baldev and his friends look on. Raj also scolds her and breaks relation with her. He leaves. Simran gets angry. Ratan asks Veera to stop crying. Ratan pacifies her. Veera says she can’t explain her heart that she can be happy without Baldev.

He asks her to do something. She asks what. He says learn cooking. She says what? You just said you will eat burnt noodles, then. He says yes, but there is a small problem, I don’t like noodles, make burnt daal, I will have it. She beats him. Rajveer comes there and gets angry seeing them together. Veera falls on Baldev and they have an eyelock. Rajveer says Ranvi won’t make her marry me without her wish and she will not marry me by her wish, this is a big problem, I have to do something. He calls someone and says there is a work.

Veera and Baldev meet. Few goons beat up Baldev. She shouts Baldev and tries to save him.

Gunjan is in dilemma as she knws Veera loves Baldev a lot, the how cld she ll ask her to marry Rajveer, But Rajveer helps her a lot. She is confuesd to support whom.

Baldev tells Balwant abt his decision that he want to change and bcm responsible for Veera, so that he wanna do some work, Balwant is surprised and Happy too, ask wat he wanna do?? Either Job or Business?? Baldev says Transport business, Balwant happy with his decision and says Now Ranvi wont hv any reason to say No to him. Both Hugs, Bansuri ask the reason for their hug and happiness, Baldev leaves by asking Balwant to convey the news to her as he wanna say Veera abt this good news..but Balwant leaves from there asking Bansuri to keep on guessing it.

Veera is in Polyhouse, Baldev calls her and info her that he wanna say some good news to her and ask her to meet him at shade.

Rajveer meets Gunjan at market, who says him hesitatingly she dnt think that Veera will agree to marry him as Baldev and Simran marriage is called off and VeeBa loves each other a lot.Rajveer pretend to good to her and says he is happy with that, Gunjan gets happy and says He is good person and she ll find a good girl for him, who ll be better than veera and leaves.

He talks to himself that he already knws tat she ll say this, so he hv another plan with him, says Veera ll love me, He calls some goons and ask them to do wat he said.

Veeba met and Goons approach Baldev, Veera runs to him, Baldev fights back with goons, he ask veera to leave and get some help, Rajveer gets call from goons, he ask them to call more goons, if they cldnt manage, Veera get Billa,Jaggi and some other ppl over there, More goons also came there and beaten up Baldev.

Balwant and Bansuri hvng an argument about VeeBa Relationship while Balwant defends Veera, as Baldev is changed good and responsible is just bcz of Veera and ask Bansuri nt to blame veera for everything always. But Bansuri didnt agree with him and says Veera ll get trouble in Baldev's life.

Baldev beaten up badly and goons run away after seeing ppl over there reaching to them, Veera cries to baldev asking him to talk to her, but he faints.Jaggi calls ambulance. Ranvi who came over there saw Billa and ask why he looks so worries, but before he cld say something, Ranvi heard Veera screaming Baldev's name and Rushed to her, He shocked to see Baldev's condition, while Veera ask him to save her Baldev, Ranvi says he ll take him to hsptl and takes him

Ranvi ask Billa and Jaggi to info Baldev parents abt this and ask them to info carefully as Balwant already got heart attack before, Veera cries and hugs him, She Keeps on crying and explaining wat hpnd and Ranvi keeps on consoling her, He ask Nurse about Baldev's condition, who info him tat Baldev is in critical stage and nthng can be say by now.

Bansuri started crying after getting the news, while Billa consoles them as Baldev is strong and nthng ll hpn to him

Goons info Rajveer that they might killed Baldev, If Veera didnt get hepl from the ppl over there, also says They hv beaten him a lot and he ll die in hsptl for sure, Rajveera says he ll gv Double money, if it hpns. They leaves and Rajveer talks to himself, If it doesnt hpn, then he ll gv more love to veera as she made for him

Precap : Veera cries badly and ask Baldev to waken up
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