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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Veera Episode 591--592 Update on Monday 14th August 2017

The Episode starts with doctor telling everyone that Baldev is serious, if he does not conscious in few hours, then its very risky for him. Bansuri cries and asks what does he mean. Gunjan pacifies her and says Veera got help and saved him. Bansuri says don’t take her name, he went to meet Veera and got beaten up by goons. Veera cries. Bansuri gets angry on Veera. The doctor asks them to make Bansuri quiet, else she will give injection to her. Bansuri says yes, but nothing should happen to my son. Balwant asks her to come along. Bansuri says she will kill Veera if anything happens to Baldev. The doctor says we will try our best. Veera asks doctor to make her meet him. Veera goes to meet Baldev and cries. The doctor says he got her here as she can benefit Baldev, but he will have to be here. She says yes, I know, even I want to do this, I feel Baldev will be fine.

Veera says Baldev was very naughty since childhood, and he always listens to me. She asks him to listen to her and please come back. She says she is being strong to show the world, but she is very weak, he is not just her love, but her courage and strength too. She says she will marry Rajveer and he can’t bear to see this. She cries and asks him to wake up. Ranvi asks Gunjan about Veera, and how did doctor agree Gunjan says he saw love in her loves for Baldev, which he has never seen. She says Veera did not go against you, it does not mean her love is weak, her love is very strong which can change the sea direction.

Veera cries and asks Baldev to wink atleast, that he is getting affected by her words. The doctor asks Veera to go outside now, as he can’t take risk now, she will hurt herself more. Bansuri asks everyone did Veera go home now, she was crying here at the door, did Ranvi send her. Gunjan says she is here, she went to meet Baldev in ICU. Bansuri says what, she is unlucky. She says call her out now itself. Ranvi says fine, calm down, I will tell doctor. Bansuri says she should not be around him. Ranvi shouts Tai ji. Bansuri says I did not say anything yet. Veera asks Baldev to wake up please. Mahiya………….plays…………. Baldev holds Veera’s hand. Veera asks doctor to see this. He opens his eyes. Veera says he got conscious. Baldev says Veera……..

The doctor comes out and gives the good news that what Veera did, no one would have done this. He says Baldev is conscious, he is out of danger now. They all smile. The doctor says he believes Veera’s love has much strength. Bansuri thinks about doctor’s words and sees Baldev and Veera together. Veera hugs Baldev and says he says Aah. She says sorry. He jokes and she hugs him again. Gunjan says this is real love, which makes a person smile in pain. She asks Ranvi to see how happy they are together.

Gunjan asks Ranvi to say if Baldev is not worthy of Veera. Ranvi looks at them. Ranvi goes to meet Baldev and thanks him for saving Veera. Baldev says if anything happened to her, I would have died. Ranvi asks him to take care. Baldev says he won’t believe, but its true, that he loves Veera more than his life. Ranvi holds his hands and asks him to get well soon. Ranvi leaves. Baldev talks to Veera and she says its very tough to understand Ranvi. They smile.

Balwant says Bansuri that Baldev is fine now, you were not here when doctor called everyone.She says she has first right to meet him. He says Veera is inside. Bansuri gets angry. Balwant defends Veera and asks her to think, and be thankful that Baldev is fine, she should be happy. Rajveer scolds his goon as Baldev is still alive. Rajveer aims gun at him, and if I kill you now, who will save you. The goon says give me one last chance, I will kill him in hospital. Rajveer says not any chance now, you should have killed him when he was alone, he is hero in everyone’s eyes now, go back to your village, if you come back, I will do your encounter. Rajveer shouts no one can take away Veera from me. He says he can get Veera at any cost, by all plans, Saam Daam Dant Bhed (four word philosophy)

Baldev asks Ranvi to bless him and Veera for their marriage, and folds hands to request him to say yes to this relation.

The episode starts with, Ranvi remembering his words and repenting on his misconception on Baldev. Ratan spots him sitting in darkness and approaches him. Ranvi asks if Gunjan and Veera returned back, she says Gunjan is back but she is gonna take food to hospital. Ratan says I know you're worried about VeeBa's love but I can say that Baldev loves her so much and care too much for Veera. He's very much responsible when the time comes. He may not be a degree holder but his love is too much deep, so she suggests him to say yes for their love.

On the other hand, Bansuri is fuming about Veera. She is not happy that Veera is going to bring her puttar from hospital not her. Balwant asks what's happening, she replies why that girl is bringing Baldev back, and why I have to clean this room. She is still unhappy about VeeBa. Balwant scolds that you're hopeless and leaves.

    VeeBa and Baggi are riding home. Baldev says in all this some goodness has happened., Veera asks what's good in getting hurt, Baldev replies that I've got your love back and you're taking are of me so lovingly that's good, right? Veera tells Jaggi to drive faster, Baldev mocks her teasingly and Veera smile at him.

   At SS home, Gunjan is praying for her veerji's health. She gets a call from a bank manager about some loan. She thinks that it's very good offer, she also hopes that Ranvi accepts for VeeBa. She comes out and asks Ranvi to promise her something. But at that moment, VeeBa enter there. Baldev says he wants to Veera's Veerji. He starts to say how much he loves Veera and about wanting to marry her. He assures Ranvi that he'll take the responsibility of Veera and keep her happy always. Ranvi is looking thoughtful. Baldev says that his father a recommended a job for him and informs that he's going to take up that job. He will try to live up to all his expectations from his B-I-L. He requests with folded hands to give him Veera's hand in marriage, coz he won't be able to live without her. Veera and others are waiting expectingly while Ranvi is still staring. Then he says "Haan". Baldev is speechless, all the women smile at each other and Baggi are jumping in joy. RanVeera hug each other. Ranvi says that he was being a loving brother so far, as she is my daughter more than a sister. So I wanted to make sure her life doesn't get ruined in wrong hands. He says he trusts Baldev and his love for Veera now. And asks him to forgive him. RanVeera hug once again. Baldev gets up and says that you don't have to tell me again. I am not number one in being a good man but I am the number one in loving Veera unconditionally. RanDev hug each other. . Ranvi joins VeeBa hands. All are happy at this. SS family hug each other!

Precap: Baldev informs to his mother that Ranvi has finally said yes to tier relationship. Bansuri says what if he says yes, coz I am the groom's mom and I haven't said yes yet.
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